The D.O.N.A.L.D.istic Duck Family Trees
1995 - 1999

Ahnentfel der Ducks, 1995

Johnny A. Grote, 1999

In the table below, the names are listed in the order they appear in Grote's tree :

German name : Original name : Commentaries :
Tick, Trick, Track Huey, Dewey, Louie Donald's nephews.
Dicky, Dacky, Ducky April, May, June Daisy's nieces.
Franz Gans Gus Goose Donald's cousin.
Daniel Düsentrieb Gyro Gearloose Famous inventor of Duckburg.
Gustav Gans Gladstone Gander Donald's lucky cousin.
note : his name is different from Gus' name in the original version, but in German, both carry the name "Gans".
Donald Duck Donald Duck Leave this website if you don't know who he is :-)
Seppi Deppi / Deppi Seppi No name in American version In the German version of "High Wire Daredevils", it's told that an uncle fell in the trapdoor of hayloft. In a first version of the story, the unseen uncle is called Deppi, and in another, Seppi. In his book, Grote explains this by the fact that Deppi is a nickname the Ducks gave to the uncle, whose real first name is Seppi. 
Daisy Duck Daisy Duck Donald's girlfriend.
Della While Grote's tree stick to only Barks references, and makes Huey, Dewey and Louie be Donald's brother's sons as nothing tells the contrary in Barks' work, except for his family tree sketches which have ever been published in Germany, the name Della is used in the ahnentafel, but nothing tells she's Huey, Dewey and Louie's mother, neither Donald's sister, rather as a cousin of Donald, like it was on the letter in the original 1937 Taliaferro's strip, even though Don Rosa made her Donald's sister much later...
Wastel Duck Whitewater Duck Donald's distant cousin from the story "Log Jockey".
Emil Erpel John D. Rockerduck One of Scrooge's ennemies, in the American version he's not told to be of Scrooge's family, but in German, as he carries the name "Erpel", he's considered to be a descendant of Emil Erpel (Cornelius Coot). He's a regular character in Disney Italian comics, but not in Barks' stories, where he just appeared once in "Boat Buster". Note that he's not in the ahnentafel.
Melitta Drusilla Daisy's aunt from "The Not-So-Ancient Mariner". Grote's tree shows her twice, considering she's both Gladstone's and Daisy's aunt.
Opa Ostmann Grandpa In "The Hard Loser", the Ducks borrow "Grandpa's old buggy horse" for a derby. In German, "Grandpa" has been translated "Opa Ostmann" (grandpa Ostmann), so Johnny Grote decided that Huey, Dewey, and Louie's Mother's name was Ostmann too.
Willibald Wasserhuhn Cuthbert Coot Donald's distant cow-boy cousin from "Donald Learns the Ropes".In the German version, he is his uncle instead.
Dorette Anette Lisette Duck  Grandma Duck In this tree, she isn't Donald's grandma, neither is she her mother, she's just his aunt and Scrooge's sister. On the poster, there is a wrong link telling she is a Mr Wasserhuhn's wife and Donald's mother, but in the book, this part of the tree is reprinted in black and white, and we see that the link is in fact between the Mr Wasserhuhn and the Duck lady at his left (though, it doesn't explain why a Mr Wasserhuhn and a Mrs Wasserhuhn née Duck can have children named Duck, it must be still a mistake in the tree, that should be Mr Duck and Mrs Duck née Wasserhuhn). The "?" that stands before Grandma's name is a mistake too, and is removed in the book.
Mameluck Dankwart Duck Marmaduke Mallard In "The Sunken Yacht", Scrooge makes his nephews  believe that their dead uncle Marmaduke Mallard, whom they had never heard about before, bequeathed them a chest with money in it (the money was in fact Scrooge's). Barks' intentions were probably that this character was totally fictive (which is probably why he's not included in Grote's tree), but we can also consider that they actually have an uncle Marmaduke Mallard. This more or less fictive character was named Mameluck in a German version, and Dankward in another.
Dagobert Duck Scrooge McDuck Donald's uncle, and the richest Duck in the world.
Otto No name in American version In the German version of "Thievery Afoot", he is an unseen uncle who is told to have his snorkel in Donald's basement. Note that Otto isn't on the same lineage on both works.
Mathilde Matilda Daisy's aunt, whose name appears in "Losing Face". Note that on Grote's tree, she isn't treated the same way, graphically speaking, maybe because she's the only character appearing by name in an original Barks script AND to be still alive...
Mousie Mona 
(from Corona) 
In "The Code of Duckburg", Donald is sent a christmas postcard by a "Mousie Mona", an admirer of him from Corona. In the German version, it's translated "Aunt Betty from Brazil".
alias : Scotty McTerrier
Diamond Dick
alias Scottie McTerrier
In "The Old Castle's Secret", a dogfaced man who tells he's Scottie McTerrier, a friend of the McDucks; while he's in fact the robber Diamond Dick, who tries to steal the McDuck treasure, tells his third wife was a McDuck on her great-grandfather's side.
Gerlinde Giergans Susiebelle Swan In "The Gilded Man"", she is told to be Gladstone's great-great-aunt, but here she's just his great-aunt.
Dübel / Danquart Düsentrieb Ratchet Gearloose Gyro's grandpa from the story "Fantastic River Race". He has a different names in the several German publications.
Griseldis No name in American version In the German verison of "Big-Top Bedlam", she is Daisy's deceased great-aunt from whom she inherited a brooch. I don't know where the portrait comes from.
Dollbert Duck Ezra Scrooge His name appears on a letter to Grandma telling she has to pay her debts in "Donald's Grandma Duck". In French, it has been translated Picsou : Scrooge McDuck instead. It's not told that this person is from the Duck family in the story.
Diederich Eider The story "Gold of the '49ers", drawn by Kay Wright and written by Barks mentions Grandma's uncle Eider. Do not mistake with Donald's uncle Eider Duck from "Farragut the Falcon", which is not in the tree, as in German he is just an unseen person named Abu ben Agar.
Jakob Jungerpel Jake McDuck Scrooge's uncle in whom Donald disguises himself in "A Christmas for Shacktown". Note that he is only Scrooge's uncle in the original version of the story, not his great-uncle. 
? Jungerpel
Pothole McDuck
captain of a ferry boat
Scrooge's uncle, mentionned in "The Great Steamboat Race". In the German translation, he is his grandfather instead of uncle. The portrait is in fact Scrooge in the same story, thinking what he would look like if he was a gentleman of the South. This character is unnamed in the German version, but Grote decided he was a Jungerpel, as Scrooge already had a grandpa on his father's side, who was a miner.
? Duck
Scrooge's grandfather
coal miner
In "Hound of the Whiskervilles" we learn that Scrooge's grandpa was a miner. The portrait used in the tree is a background frame on a wall, it wasn't intended by Barks to be this character.
David Duck (I) Quagmire McDuck In "Heirloom Watch ", Scrooge inherits from his great-uncle Quagmire McDuck.
David Duck (II) Cornelius Coot Cornelius Coot as he appeared by the shape of a fountain statue in "The Day Duckburg Got Dyed ".
David F. Duck Seafoam McDuck In "The Horse-Radish Story", we can meet Scrooge's ancestor Captain Seafoam McDuck, translated "David Fürchtegott Duck" in German.
General Wasserhuhn General Crow In "Statues of Limitations", when the snow statue of Cornelius melts, it looks more like General Crow. As the German translation of his name is Wasserhuhn, Johnny Grote chose to keep the name as an ancestor of the Wasserhuhn branch. He's absent of the ahnentafel.
Erasmus Erpel Cornelius Coot Cornelius Coot as he appeared in "Statues of Limitations", by the shape of a snow sculpture made by the boys. In the ahnentafel, Erasmus is considered as Emil's middle name, which is more reasonable...
Emil Erpel Cornelius Coot Cornelius Coot in "Statuesque Spendthrifts" and "Duckmade Disaster". Should be considered as the official German translation.
Bootsmann Bottervogel Pintail Donald's past incarnation from the past in "Back to Long Ago".
Sir Dagobert Matey McDuck Scrooge's past incarnation from the past in "Back to Long Ago".
Kalif/Prinz von Bagdad King and Princes of Sagbad Scrooge, Donald, Huey, Dewey and Louie's past incarnations from "King Scrooge the First" (the story was arted by Tony Strobl, Barks was only responsible for the script). The boys didn't have names, but Scrooge and Donald were called in the original version "Scrooge-Shah" and "Donduk".
Sir Donnerbold, Dusseltrutz, Dümperlfried and Daunenstert Duck Sir Quackly, Swamphole, Roast/Stuft and Eider McDuck Scrooge Scottish ancestors from "The Old Castle's Secret".


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