The Germanic Duck Family Trees
1972 - 1984 - 1990

Grobian Gans, 1972

Ed van Schuijlenburg, 1984

Volker Reiche, 1990

Those trees are quite complicated. The links, materialized with lines represent parents/children relation, while the hyphened lines or arrows imply more distant relationsip (ancestor,...).
The table below lists all the characters and informations in order of appearance from top-left to bottom-right in Reiche's tree (I'll only deal with the German names, as the photograph of Schuijlenburg's I have is quite unreadable, but the quality is good enough to notice it's exactly the same than Reiche's). All of the names in the Grobian Gans one also appear in Reiche's version, which also contains new names, so you can also report to the table to analyse it.

The four roots:
I : 
German-Dutch line
II : 
Greek line
III : 
Spanish line
IV : 
Scottish line


German name: English name: Description:
Golo GANS Shamrock GANDER He is Gladstone's nephew from an untitled story by Tony Strobl, first published in 1955 in "Four Colors" # 649. He then re-appeared in a few stories.
Trick und
Track (DUCK)
Dewey and
Louie DUCK
Donald's nephews, who first appeared in a strip by Taliaferro from 1937.
Davidchen (McDUCK) "Wee" Angus McDUCK  He is Wee Angus McDuck, Scrooge's scottish nephew from "One For The Whammy", by Tony Strobl, first published in 1959 in "Donald Duck" # 65. I don't know why Slye McDuck, another Scot cousin from the same story, isn't mentionned here...
Ducky und
Dacky (DUCK)
May and
Daisy's nieces, who first appeared in Barks' "Flip Decision", first published in 1953 in "Walt Disney's Comics and Stories" # 149.
Erwin ERPEL Sourdough Donald's cousin mentionned in an untitled story by Jack Bradbury, first published in "Donald Duck" #30, from 1953.
Eitel ERPEL ? A character made up by Grobian Gans, who seem to have made bad investigations.
Franz GANS Gus GOOSE Donald's cousin, since the cartoon "Donald's Cousin Gus", from 1939. He seems to be considered as a rather distant relative here.
Gustav GANS Gladstone GANDER Donald's lucky cousin, since Barks' 1948's "Wintertime Wager", first published in "Walt Disney's Comics and Stories" # 88.
? (male) DUCK
und Della DUCK
? (male) DUCK 
and Della DUCK
Huey, Dewey and Louie's mother mentionned in Taliaferro's strip from 1937.
Donald DUCK Donald DUCK You know who he is, don't you?
? McDUCK und ? (female) ? McDUCK and ? (female) I wonder why the drawer needed to put these parents here. If he wanted to show that Davidchen was a distant cousin, he just had to draw the same as for Gus...
Daisy DUCK Daisy DUCK Donald's girlfriend, since "Mr. Duck steps out", 1940.
? (male) DUCK und ? (female) ? (male) DUCK and ? (female) A mistake have been made, here : it is often considered that although their last name is Duck, April, May and June are Daisy's sister's daughters, which is a Barksian fact
Gipfel-Duck Upsy Duck He is a relative in Tony Strobl's "Mastering the Matterthorn", from 1965, first published in "Walt Disney's Comics and Stories" # 293.
Wastel DUCK Whitewater DUCK Donald's distant cousin from Barks' "Log Jockey", first published in 1962 in "Walt Disney's Comics and Stories" # 267, later called Abner "Whitewater" Duck by Don Rosa in his Duck Family Tree. We can see here that Don Rosa isn't the first one to have the idea of Fethry and Whitewater being brothers.
Freddy DUCK
Dussel DUCK
Fethry DUCK Donald's cousin's Fethry Duck first appeared in "The Health Nut" (S 64008), by Al Hubbard and Dick Kinney, first published in 1964 in the Italian "Topolino" # 453. Fethry's German name is Dussel Duck, but in his first publications in Germany he was actually called Freddy. Note that Freddy and Dussel are separate Ducks in Grobian's tree
Willibald WASSERHUHN Cuthbert COOT He is a cousin of Donald who has a ranch in Barks' "Webfooted Wrangler", first published in 1944 in "Walt Disney's Comics and Stories" # 55
? (male) DUCK und ? (female) ? (male) DUCK and ? (female) _
? (male) GANS 
und ? (female) DUCK
? (male) GANDER (or GOOSE) 
and ? (female) DUCK
Note that the name must be Gander, as it is Gladstone's father, but it also means Goose...
Dagobert DUCK Scrooge McDUCK Donald's rich uncle, since 1947 in "Christmas on Bear Mountain", by Carl Barks, first published in "Four Color" # 178.
Oma DUCK Grandma DUCK Donald's Grandma first appeared in a Taliaferro strip from 1943. Here, Grandma and Scrooge are siblings, as they have the same last name, which makes grandma Donald's aunt!
? (male) DUCK und ? (female) ? (male) DUCK and ? (female) _
Degenhart  DUCK Lurch McDuck Scrooge's cousin in Strobl's "The Doony Desert Dilemma", from 1968, first published in "Donald Duck" # 116 and is called Degenhart Duck in German and Andrik von And in Danish.
? (male) DUCK und ? (female) ? (male) DUCK and ? (female) _
Primus v(on). QUACK Ludwig Von DRAKE Donald's nutty professor uncle from Austria first appeared on TV in an episode of "Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color: An Adventure in Color" from 1961. In the 1962 publication of the story "Duckburg, USA" (1961, "Ludwig von Drake" #1, US), in the german "Micky Maus" # 35/62, Grandma's aunt is told to have married a Hofrat von Quack from Vienna, thus making Ludwig von Drake a cousin of Grandma Duck.
Gilbert GANS Lochbert Gander Gladstone's ancestor mentionned in "The Castle Heirs", from 1955 by Phil De Lara and Vic Lockman, first published in "Donald Duck" # 42. In the same story he is told to have married the daughter of McTavish Duck, Scrooge and Donald's ancestor. McTavish is present in Grobian Gans' tree by the German translated name of Lord McDonald, but not in the other ones...
Gotthold GANS unpublished in US
Fedtenheimer in Danish
In ''The Battle of the Big Spenders'' (S 65122), by Jack Bradbury and Dick Kinney, first published in 1966 in "Topolino Libretto" #537, Rockerduck and Scrooge inherit from someone called Gotthold Gans in German and Fedtenheimer in Danish ( a pun over the term flottenhejmer : one who throws around with the money. In the story in danish we don't really get to know who he was, just that there's an heritage after him, and he's probably not of the family, just a guy from the Billionaires Club, maybe...
Jakob JUNGERPEL Jake McDUCK Scrooge's uncle from Barks' "A Christmas for Shacktown", first published in 1952 in "Four colors" #367. Jungerpel is the name which was used for the first publication of the story in Germany, but in Don Rosa's Duck Family Tree he's re-named Jakob Duck.
? (male) DUCK und ? (female) ? (male) DUCK and ? (female) _
? (male) DUCK und ? (female) ? (male) DUCK and ? (female) _
? DUCK und ? (female) ? DUCK and ? (female) _
Schwindolar  SCHWAN Pokerface McDUCK Donald and Gladstone's deceased relative who owned a silver mine from Jack Bradbury and Carl Fallberg's untitled story first published in 1953 in "Donald Duck" #30.
David DUCK Quagmire McDuck Scrooge's great-uncle, from whom he inherits in Barks' "Heirloom Watch ", first published in 1954 "Uncle Scrooge" # 10.
? DUCK und ? (female) ? DUCK and ? (female) _
Dufflecoat DUCK unpublished in US
Ebenezer McDuck
Scrooge's grandfather, mentionned in Jack Bradbury's "Indian Takeover" (S 68064), first published in 1968 in the Italian "Topolino" # 680, and called Ebenezer von And in Danish.
Ducklas McDUCK - 1700 Danblane McDuck  Scrooge's pirate ancestor called Pap McPaper in the original version appeared in the Scarpa story "Paperino e la leggenda dello Scozzese volante", first published in "Topolino" #174, from 1957. Note that two other ancestors of Scrooge called Ducklas McDuck in the German version are mentionned in "Paperino e il calumet della pace", from 1961, and  "Zio Paperone e i bracciali dei Mac Paper", from 1968.
Sir Dagobert Matey McDUCK Scrooge's past incarnation, from Barks' "Back to Long Ago!", first published in 1956 in "Uncle Scrooge" # 16.
Sir Dusseltrutz 
Sir Donnerbold 
Sir Dümpelfried
Sir Daunenstert 
Sir Swamphole McDuck
Sir Quackly McDUCK
Sir Roast McDUCK
Sir Eider McDUCK
 Scottish ancestors of Scrooge from Barks' "The Old Castle's Secret", from 1948, first published in "Four Color" # 189.
David Diethelm*DUCK
Dorian DUCK
Detlef DUCK
Crockett Duck
These three ancestors of Donald appeared in an untitled story by Jack Bradbury, first published in "Donald Duck" #30, from 1953, in which Donald shows to the nephews a family album, with photographs of adventurer ancestors, and comments on it : Great grand-uncle Gumboot, a postman, fourteenth cousin Panhandle, a cow-bow pursued by Indians, and great great great great-grandfather Crockett Duck, a lumberjack. In the same story cousin Sourdough is just mentionned. In German, they're respectively Donald's great-great-uncle, great-great-great-uncle, and great-great-great-great-uncle, that's why they're on a direct line here.
Emil ERPEL Cornelius COOT Duckburg's founder, from Barks' "Statuesque Spendthrifts", from 1952, first published in "Walt Disney's Comics and Stories" # 138. Interresting fact : Don Rosa isn't the first one to consider Cornelius Coot as being the Duck's ancestor, which is not a Barksian fact.
Bootsmann BOTTERVOGEL Pintail DUCK Donald's past incarnation, from Barks' "Back to Long Ago!", first published in 1956 in "Uncle Scrooge" # 16.
David Fürchtegott DUCK Seafoam McDuck Later re-named Hugh "Seafoam" McDuck by Don Rosa, he first appeared in Barks' "The Horse Radish Treasure", first published in "Four Color" # 495 from 1953. 
Don DUGO Don Pato [?] A Spanish ancestor of Scrooge from Strobl's "The Golden Galleon", first published in 1965 in "Donald Duck" # 103, called Captain Doublon in French and Don Pato (Pato = Duck in Spanish) in Danish.
Alexander DUCK Alexander McDuck A Greek ancestor of Scrooge called Alexander And in Danish, from Strobl's "Turnabout" (S 64107), first published in 1965 in Italian "Topolino" # 477.

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