Only original names or infos needed :
Italian stories :
I TL 313-A  Donald's uncle, Rich And in Danish
I TL  366-B Scrooge's cousin called Sophie in Danish and French, and of whom he inherits a cat
I TL  582-A  relatives called Kristian Krikand, Jeremias von And, Johannes Gasefod in Danish
I TL  934-B  Donald's aunt caled Evelyn in Danish, of whom he also inherits a cat
I TL 1294-A  I need precisions on how Baldo de'Paperi is related to Scrooge, and which city he comes from
I TL 1743-A  Scrooge's Jean Valjan-like ancestor called Picaljean or Picsou Valjanjean in French
I TL 2203-2  Ancestors of Donald and Gyro, called Dinald and Alex in French
American stories :
S 71021  a nephew of Scrooge called Onagésime Picnald in French, Andreas And in Danish and Dietbald Duck in German (his Italian name would be welcome too)
W DG   55-02  Grandma's cousin called Skovmand in Danish
W WDC 129-04  Grandma's former boyfriend Theodor mentionned

Scans and info needed : (please tell me if the way the character is related to the Ducks is different in your version)
B 770235 relatives of Gus
B 790131
B 850091
Penael Bung
only in the second story he was "promoted" to an ancestor of Fethry
B 830195  MacPatacon, Scrooge's distant cousin
B 860081 Gyro's mother
B 910356  probably something of interrest
B 930082  Calamity Daisy, ancestress of Daisy
S 71019 an aunt of Donald, Thusnelda in German
S 71021 I need scan of the Italian two first pages (or another version other than French and Danish)
S 71098  Scrooge's grandpa called Mac Patus in Brazilian
S 72320 a ghost, perhaps an ancestor
S 77008  a great-uncle of Grandma, called Waldemar in German
S 83099 Grandma Duck's Grandma
I TL  611-B  Fethry's uncle and aunt, called Oskar and Rosi in German
I TL  691-A Grandma's uncle Ribalto (Onkel Tingels in German, Onkel Elverhøjs in Danish)
I TL  719-C  Scrooge's ancestor, Jokum von der Anderede in Danish, from 1600
I TL  748-A  Scrooge's ancestor, McRapan in Danish, from 1849
I TL  751-B Donald's excentric uncle Pap Paper (Hannibal And  in Danish,  Dankwart in German)
I TL  820-A Gladstone's cousin, Annabel in German
I TL  994-A  Somebody from whom the Ducks inherit a dog
I TL 1117-C ancestors of Donald, Custar, Adele in Danish, from 1800 
 I TL 1366-B A character called Angus McQuack in German
I TL 1688-A  Paperella, Daisy's niece
I TL 1907-A  HDL's cousin Gastoncino
I TL 1963-C Scrooge's cousin, Dino in German 
I TL 1988-E  Scrooge's uncle Mac Paperon (Blasius Duck in German)
I TL 2038-3 Gladstone's cousin, Gala Gans in German
I TL 2050-1  Donald's cousin Smorfio (Deibelhart Duckser in German)
I TL 2088-1 Japanese cousin and nephew of Gyro
I TL 2127-3 cousins from Goosetown
 I TL 2309-5  Brigitta's niece Loretta
I TL 2477-4  cousins of the Ducks or rather ancestors? (Paperier)
I PM  160-4 Scrooge's cousin Giasone
??????????? Gladstone's aunt Gastolinda, of aspect similar to him and Don Rosa's Daphne Duck, appeared in one Italian story
H 86130 Donald and Gladstone's great-great-aunt
H 89122 Daisy's aunt Cactée, uncle Sullus and cousins Kwil, Kwel and Kwal in Dutch
H 89136 Daisy's aunt, Petunia in German
H 95051 Donald's greay-great-uncle Dingeman
H 99028 Daisy's aunt Zebedea (could also be in  H 99284)
D 88113 a relative of Grandma called Gertrude in German
D 88142  Daisy's aunt, called Agathe in German
D 90157  Scrooge's uncle Dragomir in German
D 91382 Daisy's cousin, Dankwart Denklich in German
D 92064  Daisy's aunt, Hermine in German
D 92348 Daisy's aunt, Drunella in German
D 92251 Donald's cousin, Dorian, der Abenteurer in German
D 94013  Gyro's cousin Gertrude
D 94147 Huey, Dewey and Louie's aunt, Daphne in English
D 94238  Donald’s great-aunt Tryntsje Duckma in Dutch
D 95169  Huey, Dewey and Louie's great-aunt, called Hieronima in German
D 96112 Donald's uncle, Drugbert in German
D 96172  Huey, Dewey and Louie's aunt, called Berta in German
D 96322  Angus McDuck, an ancestor of Scrooge, and his clan
D 97076 a 7th grade great-cousin of Grandma called Dorinda Duck in German
D 97167 Donald's uncle, Dietram in German
D 99207 Huey, Dewey and Louie's great-great-uncle, called Darendorf Duck in German
D 99218 Daisy's aunt, Dora in German
D  2635 HDL's uncle, called Champion in Danish
D  2689 Gladstone's aunt called Thea in German
D  3074  Fethry's uncle, called Theobald in German
D  3776 Donald's uncle, Otmar in German 
D  4067 Daisy's uncle, Ottokar in German
D  4398 Donald's aunt, Marga in German 
D  4734 Gyro's aunt, Agathe in German
D  6290 a ghost, probably an ancestor
D  6582 An aunt of Donald, Doris in German 
D  7048  Scrooge's great-uncle, called Angus von And in Danish, from 1860
D  8662 A cousin of Donald, Gorbinian in German 
D  9266 Daisy's ancestor, called Daniel Duck in German
D  9970 A nephew of Donald, Detlev in German 
D 2000-110 Donald and Gladstone's rich aunt, called Agaath van Zanikh in Dutch and Dünkeltraut in German, and Agnes in Danish
D 2000-121 An aunt of Donald, Drübtraut in German
D 2001-126  Scrooge's uncle, Argus in German 
D 2001-168  Lots of Amiche-like members of Daisy's family, and her cousin's boyfriend's family