Goofy's Cars

    Goofy is maybe the character who has had more cars than any other... but they often last a few hours ...

The following cars appear in stories  written by Merrill De Maris, pencilled by Manuel Gonzales and inked by Ted Thwaites :
-This one, registered 194 is from 05/07 but it is crashed against a tree at the end of the story...

-This one is from 07/09 :

-This one is from 09/10 :

-"Are you sure that your old crock will stand firm, Goofy?" "Sure! I just spent 29$70 to make the motor overhauled !" (09/17):

-This one is from 12/17 :

Most of the time, Goofy has a car with this shape, it can take various colors, and several numbers, but I think the most used one is "114" (although I haven't been able to find a picture with 114!!!) :

Now, let's talk about cartoons !

In "Mickey's Trailer" (1938), Goofy is driving a little car :

In  "Motor Mania", Goofy is the normal Mr Walker, but as he drives his car, he becomes the evil Mr Wheeler... (1950)

In "Father's Day Off" we can see Mrs Goofy driving her yellow car (1953) :

In "Aquamania" Goofy is driving his son to a water skiing race (1961) :

In "A Goofy Movie" (1995) he and his son Max go for holidays in a yellow car (we can also see it in "An Extremely Goofy Movie", on a photograph :

In "An Extremely Goofy Movie" (2000), a sequel to "A Goofy Movie", Goofy drives a blue car which looks a lot like the one from "Aquamania", and is numbered "4351700" :

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