Grandma Duck's Car

    Grandma's car is a Detroit Electric . Contrary t Donald's, it is a car that really existed.
Here are some panels from stories it appears in, by Barks, Rosa, Scarpa and other artists :

Then, here are pictures of the real car (the two recent photographs has been taken (at Gothenburg, Sweden, 4 Aug 2001) and given by Kjell, with the following informations :

Detroit Electric Car Company, USA 1908
Motor: 24 V, 2 kW D.C.
Top Speed: 40 km/h
Weight: 1280 kg (batteries 731 kg)
The car is *not* for sale, not for any price.
He was offered 1 000 000 $, but said "No"!  )

If you want to see more documents on this car :
Here is an old add of the Detroit Electric company
and here is a page about this car at Sigvald's website.

There have been toys about this car, such as this one, by Polistil  :

Sometimes, she's also seen drivind a tractor, as she does on this stamp from 1979 :

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