Michel Souris' Car

        Michel Souris is a Disney character created by French studios for "Le Journal de Mickey ", In which he first appeard in the issue #2490 in the story "Le Double Doublé". He is a Mouse character who is a fan of Mickey Mouse, but do evil things. He lives in a Mickey Mouse head shaped House at 15th, Mortimer Street, Mouseton, USA, and collects every Mickey Mouse stuff. He is regular in "Mickey Parade" since the #254 from February, 2001, in which he appears on the last page, in a little 56-paged story entitled "Michel Souris", in which he is shown as working at "Mickey Parade"'s redaction, and in the jokes section.
He has a very special car he calls the "Mickeymobile" :

As "Michel" means "Mickey" or "Mickael" in France, and "Souris" means "Mouse", I wonder how we could translate his name into English, if we are some day brought to do so...  Mickael Mouse ? Mickael Rodent ? Mickael Moose?  Mickael Smile? (the verb "Souris" also means "Smile"), ...

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