Minnie's Cars

        The first of Minnie's car I have is one from a gag by Merrill De Maris, pencilled by Manuel Gonzales and inked by Ted Thwaites. Minnie says a friend of her sold her the car, and Mickey says "But you already have one!"...

Then, I wanted to show this one because it is so cute! It is from Claude Marin's "Mickey Complice du Fantôme Noir" (Mickey, accessory of the Phantom Blot) :

Then, I have a toy of her car by Esci (sorry for the image's resolution, it is just for you to know I have this toy...) . It is pink with a blue butterfly :

Finally, in the "Mouseworks" episode "Penthouse Sweet", Mickey, Minnie, Donald and Daisy are in a yellow car. It is difficult to know who the car belongs to, as several characters drive it in the cartoon? but I think it is Minnie's :

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