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        When I am speaking about $crooge McDuck , I never know what I will begin with...
Should I begin with his first appearances in comicbooks by Barks, when he is about 80 years old, according to Don Rosa, or with his first appearances "chronologically speaking", that is to say the "Life and Times of $crooge McDuck" by Don Rosa...
I'll choose the second one...

So, the first car Scrooge owned is this very odd one (given the fact that Don Rosa always include historic references in his stories, this car must have existed; maybe one of the first cars...), from Don Rosa's "The Invader of Fort Duckburg" (D 93227), which has been written in 1994 but  happensin 1902, when scrooge is 35 :

A similar car had already appeared in 1957, in Barks' 1-page gag "Going to Pieces" (W US 22) :

In many stories, Scrooge is shown to own  very excentric cars, most of the time with chauffeurs (sometimes, Donald Duck himself is the chauffeur), with a "$" as cap, and with numbers with a lot of zeros, or with a lot of numbers, or with some "$"...
In the first story he appeared in, "Christmas on Bear Mountain" (OS 178), which happens in 1947, he already had an expensive car with a chauffeur whose name is "James". This car has also been used in the last episode of the Lo$,"The Richest Duck in the World" (D 93488), which happens at the same time :

The same car, with the same chauffeur appears in the gag "Classy Taxi!" (W US 8), by Barks :

Barks also used another car with Donald as a chauffeur in "The Travel Tightwad" (W US 45) :

Now, here are some pictures of Scrooge's car by various artists :

In "Duck Tales", he also has an expensive car with a chauffeur : Duckworth :

Here are toys about Scrooge's car :
This beautiful one is from Polyitoys (Olivier Cachin's private collection) :

... and this one is from McDonald's Happy Meal (1986) :

He is also sometimes shown driving an old jeep.

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