The Son of the Sun
( AR 102 )
- 1987 -

    This is the first Disney story by Don Rosa ! In it, you can find  references to most of the most important stories of Carl Barks.
About the redrawn panels, I found this :

First, this panel is from Carl Barks' "The Round Money Bin" (OS 495):

All those panels are taken from "The Second-Richest Duck" (W US 15). I just thought the aattitudes of Flintheart in those panels was similar :

Then, this panel is from "Lost In the Andes" (OS 223) :

Finally, I thought this panel looked much like a panel from "The Prize of Pizarro" (US 26) :

Panels from "Lost In the Andes" are also used in "Return to Plain Awful" (AR 130), and panels from "The Second-Richest Duck" are also used in "Return to Plain Awful" (AR 130), "Island At The Edge Of Time" (D 91071) (Flintheart's Money Bin), "The Last Lord Of Eldorado" (D 96066) (Flintheart's Money Bin), and "A Little Something Special" (D 96325) (Flintheart's Money Bin).

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