Return to Xanadu
( D 90314 )
- 1991 -

    In this story are mainly used references to Barks' "Tralla La" (W US 6) and "The Lost Crown of Genghis Khan" (W US 14). There are two redrawn panels from "Tralla La" :

That one, when Scrooge gets to meet the Dida, and...

 ... that one, the source. Strange detail : the man near the source is also from "Tralla La", except that in that story, he didn't have a dog nose but a human nose!...  An other panel from "Tralla La" is used in "Last Sled to Dawson" (AR 113), in "The Guardians of the Lost Library" (D 92380), and in Lo$ 12 : "The Richest Duck in the World" (D 93488).

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