Dreamtime Duck Of The Never Never
( D 92314 )
-1993 -

    This seventh chapter of "The Life and Times of $crooge McDuck" takes place in Australia. There are no Barksian references, there, I think. We can just quote the first panel, who refers to a period when Scrooge was a gold prospector in a city called Pizen Bluff, which references are taken from Barks' "Return to Pizen Bluff" (W US 26) with four photographs :

You can compare the photograph with Scrooge, at the left-bottom, with an oil painting Barks painted in 1975, entitled "I Found It, I Keep It" :

An other story of Don Rosa that uses panels from "Return to Pizen Bluff" is "The Vigilante Of Pizen Bluff" (D 96089).

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