Magica De Spell's House

    The sorceress' house, on Mount Vesuvius was created with Magica herself in Barks' 1961 "The Midas Touch" (US 36), and has been shown in several stories by Barks :
- "The Midas Touch" (US 36)
- "The Unsafe Safe" (US 38)
- "For Old Dime's Sake" (US 43)
- "Isle of Golden Geese" (US 45) (This house is not the same and is located in Duckburg, but it is still Magica's house, isn't it?)
- "The Many Faces of Magica De Spell" (US 48)

Here are panels of them :

In some of his stories, Don Rosa redrew her house :
- "On a Silver Platter" (H 89068)
- "Of Ducks, Dimes and Destinies" (D 91249)
- "The Treasury of Croesus" (D 94012A)
- "Quest For Kalevala" (D 99078)

Here are panels of these stories :

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