Edith Kermit Carow Roosevelt

 - The second wife of President Theodore Roosevelt -

( 1861-1948 )

* List of the stories she appears in :
- F PM 01201 C : "The Sharpie of the Culebra Cut" (Lo$#10b), from 2001, by Don Rosa.

* Her biography :
     Edith Carow Roosevelt was the second wife of Theodore Roosevelt, who served as president of the United States from 1901 to 1909. While first lady, she had to manage both her White House social duties and a large family of six children. She skillfully handled both jobs. Born in 1961 in Norwich, Connecticut, into a family that had become wealthy from a shipping business, she grew up in New York City when she met Theodore Roosevelt ('Teedie") and his sister Corinne, and became friend with them. Attending Miss Comstock's school, she acquired the proper finishing touch for a young lady of that era. A quiet girl who loved books, she was often Theodore's companion for summer outings at Oyster Bay, Long Island; but this ended when he entered Harvard. She married Theodore Roosevelt in 1886, two years after his first wife Alice's death, putting the tragedy behing them, and they settled down in a house on Sagamore Hill, at Oyster Bay. She raised the five children she had with him, but also the daughter he had with Alice along with her own children. She  made organizational changes in the operations of the White House. She arranged to have the family's living quarters moved so the family would have more privacy. She escorted her husband during his visit at Panama in 1906.
Mrs. Roosevelt lived almost 30 years after her husband's death in 1919. She traveled widely after his death and spent her later years at the family home in Oyster Bay, New York. She died on September 30, 1948, at the age of 87.

* Her place in the Barks/Rosa stories universe :
    She meets Srooge and his sisters in 1906, in the Presidential Train, while she visits Panama with her husband Theodore Roosevelt. In this story, she's just referred as President Roosevelt's wife. She isn't called by her first name.

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