Byron Erickson

 - Gladstone's Editor -

* List of the stories he appears in :
- D 97052 : "W.H.A.D.A.L.O.T.T.A.J.A.R.G.O.N.", from 1997, by Don Rosa.


* His biography :
     Byron Erickson is Don Rosa's publisher, advisor and good friend.
   From the very start Byron Erickson has followed Don Rosa's work and given him feedback whenever needed. Like Don Rosa, Byron Erickson left Gladstone to join Egmont instead. Don Rosa describes his relationship with his good friend in this way: "I think Byron's right about 99,999% of the time, but I never argue with him when our opinions differ. He is a great boon to my stories, I hope everyone always realizes that! If you like my work, I'd like you to know that a large part of it is due to him!"

* His place in the Barks/Rosa stories universe :
    In "W.H.A.D.A.L.O.T.T.A.J.A.R.G.O.N.", he is seen getting out of the McDuck Publishing bookstore. About this, Don Rosa told : "All right, I may have put a dog nose on him, but I thought it would be nice to make a reference to him, as well, as he's been publishing my stories in America from 1987 till today."

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