Ferdinand VII

 - King of Spain -

( 1784 - 1833 )

* List of the stories he appears in :
- AR 145 : "His Majesty, McDuck", from 1989, by Don Rosa (by name only).


* His biography :
     Ferdinand was born in 1784 to Charles IV and María Luisa.
   In 1807 he was arrested by his father, who accused him of plotting his overthrow and the murder of his mother and  the chief minister Godoy.
   In 1808, a palace revolution at Aranjuez made Ferdinand acceed to the throne and become King Ferdinand VII of Spain. Ferdinand going to meet Napoleon at Bayonne, France, but he was forced to abdicate and his throne was given to Joseph Bonaparte. Then, during the Peninsular War, from 1808 to 1814, Ferdinand was imprisoned in France.
   He was restored to the throne in 1814. His repressive policies caused a liberal revolution in 1820 and the establishment of a liberal government until 1823, when it was ousted with French help, delegated by the Holy Alliance and the Congress of Troppau.
   During Ferdinandís reign, the Spanish colonies on the mainland of North and South America were lost through the very rebellions that had begun as risings in his favor and against Napoleon.
   He died in 1833, and although his fourth wife, Maria Christina , had persuaded him to set aside the Salic law so that their only child, Isabella II, might succeed to the throne, thus excluding Ferdinandís brother Don Carlos, from the succession, the reactionaries rallied around Don Carlos, and the Carlist Wars ensued.

* His place in the Barks/Rosa stories universe :
    In "His Majesty, McDuck", we learn that the Spanish attack Fort Drakeborough in 1818 because it's the only land at West that Spain doesn't possess, and so King Ferdinand has swore he'd get it.

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