Temujin Genghis Khan

 - Mongol conqueror  -

( 1167 - 1227 )

* List of the stories he appears in :
- W US 14-02 : "The Lost Crown of Genghis Khan!", from 1956, by Carl Barks (by name only) ;
- AR 102 : "The Son of the Sun", from 1987, by Don Rosa (by name only) ;
- D 90314 : "Return to Xanadu", from 1991, by Don Rosa (by name only) ;
- D 2001-024 : "The Crown of the Crusader Kings", from 2001, by Don Rosa (by name only).


* His biography :
     Temujin was born in 1167. His adopted father was Toghrul of the Keraits, the strongest leader amongst the Mongolian tribes. Temuchin had a wife named Börte.
   In 1196, Temuchin successfully attacked the Tartars. He then rescued Toghrul from exile, who was given the Chin title Wang Khan. Jamuka, Temujin's blood brother, declared against him in 1201, when he was elected GurKhan. In 1203, Wang Khan died, poisoned, and Temujin assumed his title of King of the Keraits. Jamuka was betrayed to him and died in 1205. In 1206, he was elected Genghis Khan, meaning Universal Leader.
   He wanted to conquer the world, and went about this by training a large army, the Golden Horde, invading territory, and ordering his army to kill any people who resisted. He united the Mongol tribes and led them to conquer most of Central Asia, Afghanistan, and Persia, creating an enormous Mongol Empire.
  In August 1227, he suddenly died for uncertain reasons, when he was on the point of conquering Europe.
  Kublai Khan, the son of Genghis' son Tolui, took over the empire and later became the first Yuan Emperor of China..

* His place in the Barks/Rosa stories universe :
    First, in "The Lost Crown of Genghis Khan!", Scrooge's men who breed yaks in Himalaya find Genghis Khan's crown, but it's stolen by the abominable snowman. So, the Ducks go to Himalaya and recover the crown, which is brought in Duckburg.
   Then, in a lot of stories by Don Rosa, Genghis Khan's crown can be seen in Scrooge's trophy's room, but it's named on a little panel in "The Son of the Sun", when it's in Duckburg's museum.
   In "Return to Xanadu", we learn that Kublai Khan, Genghis Khan' Grandson, discovered the city of Xanadu and invaded it, taking the Tralla Lalians as slaves, and he brought his treasure here, including Genghis Khan's crown, to protect it. After the invasion, the Tralla Lalians threw the crown away from their land, in a chest, somewhere in the Himalaya, and that's whereScrooge's men found it. Learning this part of history in the Junior Woodchucks' Guidebook, the Ducks decide to search for the rest of the treasure in Xanadu, and they discover that this is another name from the city Tralla La, from another Barksian story. Finally, because of a flood problem, they have to leave the land quickly, and the crown and the rest of the treasure remained in a lake in Tralla La...
   In  "The Crown of the Crusader Kings", Scrooge is desesperate because of the loss of the precious crown of Genghis Khan, but he learns thanks to the Junior Woodchucks' Guidebook that another crown has been offered by the kings of Europe to the Khan of Cathay who reigned in the late 1400's, and tries to find it...

Genghis Khan's Crown

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