Francisco Pizarro

 - Spanish conquistador  -

( 1475 - 1541 )

* List of the stories he appears in :
- W US 16-02 : "Back To Long Ago!", from 1956, by Carl Barks (by name only) ;
- W US 26-01 : "The Prize of Pizarro", from 1958, by Carl Barks (by name only) ;
- AR 102 : "The Son of the Sun", from 1987, by Don Rosa ;
- D 92380 : "The Guardians of the Lost Library", from 1993, by Don Rosa (by name only) ;
- D 96066 : "The Last Lord of Eldorado", from 1997, by Don Rosa (by name only).


* His biography :
     Francisco Pizarro was born in about 1475 in Trujillo, Spain, the illegitimate son of a Spanish captain, and spent his childhood with his grandparents in one of Spain's poorest regions, without learning how to read or write.
   Pizarro traveled to the Caribbean island of Hispaniola in 1502 with the governor of that Spanish colony. He accompanied Ojeda to Colombia in 1510 and was with Balboa in 1513 when he discovered the Pacific. From 1519 to 1523, he served as mayor of the town of Panama.
   In 1523, hearing of the fabled wealth of the Incas, he formed a partnership with Diego de Almagro and Fernando de Luque (a priest who secured funds). The first expedition reached the San Juan River, part of the present boundary between Ecuador and Colombia, and  resulted in disaster after two years of suffering and hardship. On the second, in 1956, Pizarro explored the swampy coast farther south while his pilot, Bartolomé Ruiz, crossed the equator and then returned to bring definite news of the southern realms. He and part of the group remained on an island. Pizarro used a vessel sent by the governor of Panama to explore the coast of Peru. In 1528, he sailed to Spain to to ask authority to conquer Peru to Emperor Charles V, Tand he achieved this. He left Spain in 1530, and sailed from Panama the following year.
   Sailing south, Pizarro landed at Tumbes in 1532, and, after traveling through desert and snow-capped mountains,arrived at Cajamarca in 1533, where "the Inca", Atahualpa, the 13th and last emperor of the Incas, awaited him. Atahuallpa accepted an invitation to visit the Spanish commander and arrived attended by crowds of unarmed Incas. Pizarro's followers were armed and waiting. Atahualpa was to regret trusting Pizarro. When he refused to convert to Christianity or to accept the Spanish king as his sovereign, Pizarro and his men seized the occasion to capture the Inca emperor, and the Spaniards slaughtered 2,000 Indians. Atahuallpa offered as ransom a room filled with gold and silver. Pizarro accepted the ransom, but he treacherously executed Atahualpa all the same.
   Pizarro then marched to Cuzco and set up Manco Capac, Atahuallpa's brother, as nominal sovereign. In 1535 he founded Ciudad de los Reyes (City of the Kings), which is now Lima. The city was the seat of his new government. Manco escaped and headed an unsuccessful uprising. Pizarro and Almagro quarreled about the territory each was to govern, which made a civil war happen, and so Pizarro sent his half brother, Hernando Pizarro, to Cuzco, and Almagro was defeated and put to death. In 1539, Francisco appointed his brother Gonzalo Pizarro governor of Quito.
The discontented followers of Almagro conspired against Pizarro and assassinated him in Lima on June 26, 1541.

* His place in the Barks/Rosa stories universe :
    First, in  "Back To Long Ago!", a pignosed man named Mr Newrich is said to have hidden an Inca treasure centuries ago, during the epoch of Pizarro.
   In "The Prize of Pizarro", Scrooge is said to have bought a Spanish galleon, the "Santa Rosa", which is said to have carried Inca gold brought by Pizarro's men, and treasures from Mexico stolen by Cortes, and kept by King Philippe II to commemorate the Spanish conquest of the new world, and to have offered it to the city of Duckburg. In this galleon, they find a letter from the captain, who had been waylaid by the Incas, to a gold purchaser in Cadix, telling that he found the Incas' secret golden mines.
   In "The Son of the Sun", reading the Junior Woodchucks Guidebook, Huey tells that Pizarro and his conquistadors invaded the Inca Empire in 1532, imprisoned the new emperor Atahualpa, at the end of a civil war (the story doesn't tell this, but in fact, this war opposed Atahualpa and his half-brother Huáscar, and was won by Atahualpa, who executed Huáscar and his family), and asked for the Incas' gold in exchange with his freedom. But it is also said that the main part of the gold belonged to  Huáscar, whose men refused to pay, and hid the gold in a temple under the protection of Manco Capac.
   In "The Guardians of the Lost Library", it is said that in 1535, Pizarro took some books stolen to Colombus by King Ferdinand to Lima. These books were a compilation of famous libraries, such as the Lost Library of Alexandria, and knowledges, which were going to become the Junior Woodchucks' Guidebook.
   In "The Last Lord of Eldorado", when Sebastián de Belalcazar is evocated, it is said that he was Pizarro's right arm during the Incas' conquest, and that Pizarro had send him to conquer the Equator.

Pizarro in "The Son of the Sun"

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