A Bunch of good Disney-related websites

Here are all the best Disney-related  websites I found on the web, sorted by categories...

- Webpages about authors : (àtop)
Carl Barks
Jim Lowe interresting page about Carl Barks.
Grimble Gromble's Carl Barks Page
A website about Carl Barks including a biography and rare material.
Al Taliaferro's classic Donald Duck comics
Flavio's pages about Taliaferro with original strips of him.
A Floyd Gottfredson Tribute Page
Willibald Wundermild's pages with complete Gottfredson strips.
Romano Scarpa
Frank Stajano's page about the Italian artist Romano Scarpa.
Giorgio Cavazzano
Frank Stajano's page about the Italian artist Giorgio Cavazzano.
Marco Rota
Vidar Svendsen's page about the artist Marco Rota.
William Van Horn
Per-Eril Malmström's page about the artist William Van Horn.
The classic Donald Duck of Tony Strobl
Article by Anders Berglund from "The Art-Bin" about Tony Stobl's art and his Duck stories.
The classic Mickey Mouse
Article by Germund Silvegren from "The Art-Bin" about Paul Murry's's art and his Mouse stories.
Jakob's Disney Comics webpage
Jalob's informative site including pages about Barks, Rosa and Gottfredson.

- Barks and Rosa Fansites: (àtop)
Carl Barks, His Work and His Life
Very interresting website dedicated to Carl Barks.
Peter Killing's very good pages about Unca' Carl.
A Guidebook to the Carl Barks Universe
Daniël van Eijmeren's very complete and informative site about Carl Barks' art, characters, quotes, which includes an index of his stories and a bibiography.
The Scrooge McDuck Page
Don Rosa's website, maintained by Dan Shane, where he speaks about the way he did the Lo$ ... good job, as always, Unca'Keno! Maybe a little update would be fine, sometimes :-)
A great Don Rosa fansite, including, among other stuff, his non-Disney work,...
Tomas Lauritsen's Don Rosa fanpages, featuring hidden "D.U.C.K."s, Hidden Mickeys, a language index, and more...
Actually a part of "D.U.C.K.hunt".
The D.U.C.K.man
Sigvald Grøsfjeld jr.'s site dedicated to the greatest living Duck-artist : Don Rosa... Featuring "Who's Who in Duckburg", "The Lives and Times in Duckburg", "the Clan McDuck", "Don Rosa's Duck Family Tree" ...
Actually a part of "D.U.C.K.hunt" too.
Jano Rohleder's Don Rosa fanpages.
Countains informations about Don Rosa, his stories, his drawings, and more...
Don Rosa - The New Duckmaster
Website dedicated to Don Rosa created by Arttu Salminen and mantained by Kai Saarto.

- Fine Art Webpages: (àtop)
Floyd Gottfredson's waterpaints
On this page Paolo Castagno collected images of the waterpaints showing scenes of his stories Gottfredson made between 1978 and 1983. Part of the "Disney in Italia" pages.
The Disney Oil Painting by Carl Barks
From 1971 to 1976 and from 1981 to 1997, Carl Barks realized a lot of oil paintings featuring his Disney Ducks, and showing scenes of his stories. This pages provide a full index of these paintings, and also pics of some of them.
Donald Duck's Gallerie of Old Masters
Very funny website with parodies of famous art masterpiece with Ducks instead of Human beings.
Includes 16 wonderful paintings, from Picasso to da Vinci...
Kaj Stenvall
Gallerie of Kaj Stenvall's paintings, a great Finnish artist who realized fascinating realistic masterpieces with duck-headed mysterious characters who look a lot like the Disney Ducks.

- Other interresting websites : (àtop)
The funniest place in the CyberWorld !
You can find lots of dowloads related to Disney TV series.
D.O.N.A.L.D.- The Official Home Page
The "Deutsche Organisation Nichtkommerzieller Anhänger des Lauteren Donaldismus" organisation's Home Page, unfortunately only available in German.
Worldwide Webpages on Disney Comics
Per Starbäck's very good site, with a presentation of Disney's characters, biographies of artists, and more...
Needs to be updated, though...
Eega Beeva'a Magic Pocket
Eta Beta's pages about Disney Comics, featuring "The Last Balabu", dedicated to Romano Scarpa's work...
Includes a section with tons of Disney comics covers.
Of Mice and Ducks
Olivier's website about Disney comics, especially Barks, Rosa and Gottfredson's works, with a little "Who's Who", indexes, Barks' creations timeline, an Atlas for Don Rosa's "Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck", icons, pictures, wallpapers, and more...
Calisota Online ! ! !
My website! :-) 
If you want to add a link from your site to mine, you can use this banner.
Welcome to Duckburg
An interactive tour of Duckburg, with a beautiful air-hostess, Katie Sullivan, who will guide you all the travel long. I particulary love the section "The Many Loves of Scrooge McDuck" ... Fans of Goldie O'Gilt, there you must go !
Paperinik, il diabolico vendicatore
An italian site maintained by Andrea Salimbetti, dedicated to the old Paperinik (in Italian, Donald Duck's secret superhero identity) stories universe, with a lor of informations, and some maps and models. Too bad it's only an Italian version...
Von Drake.com, Da Professor's Site
A great website about Ludwig Von Drake, forums and downloads...
Duckburg Religion
Vidar Svendsen's very interresting pages about the use of religion (Christianity, Mythology, Superstitions, Spirits, Witches,...) in Barks, Taliaferro and Don Rosa's stories.
Donald Duck Comic Book Rarities
Willibald Wundermild's pages with a lot of rare stories!
Don Markstein's Toonopedia
"A Vast Repository of Toonological Knowledge.
Don Markstein's very informative pages about cartoon characters.

- Disney's animated series websites : (àtop)
The Unofficial Disney's DuckTales Web Page
Oneguy1's fanpage about Duck Tales with an episode guide, screen grabs, sounds, video clips and trivia.
Welcome to Duckburg!
Tim Tobitsch's fanpage about Duck Tales with an episode guide, a characters presentation, screen grabs, sounds, video and more...
Patriks Ducktales HomePage
Patrik's Duck Tales fanpage with an episode guide, a presentation of the characters, screen grabs, sounds, video clips and more...
Disney's Duck Tales
Another webpage about Duck Tales with screen shots.
Calisota or Bust !
Captain Chaotica's pages about Ducktales, with screenshots, scripts, and more...
Mikes House of Cartoons
"Bringing you the best of Disney's Duck Tales and Chip'n'Dale Rescue Rangers"
Michael Pengelly's webpage with episodes guides and picture for both series and more...
The "Quack Pack" Episode Guide
A guide of the episodes from the series "Quack Pack" by Juan F. Lara.
Mike's Disney Animated TV Show Mania
Mike's pages about Disney Animated TV Shows. I particularly like the Goof Troop section.
Everything Rescue Rangers
Well... The title of the site is enough to understand what it countains : absolutely E-VE-RY-THING that could have been invented about the series!... Impressive...

- "Who's Who" pages : (àtop)
Disney's HooZoo 
Rich Bellacera's pages, with a lot of informations about Disney's comics AND cartoons characters. A jewel ! 
(note that it's a temporary  text-only version)
Disney Comics Characters
A section from Per Starbäck's DCML site, presenting Disney comics' characters.
Who's Who in Duckburg
A "Who's Who" of the characters used in the Barks/Rosa universe, from Sigvald Grøsfjeld jr.'s site.
Characters created by Romano Scarpa
A section from Eta Beta's "Last Balabu" presenting Romano Scarpa's creations.

- Indexes : (àtop)
A great search engine where you can find every informations you need about any Disney comicbook or story from any country.
The HTML Barks Base
Gerd Syllwasschy's perfect index of Barks' work (stories, characters, names,...), with wonderful pictures, and a beautiful design, and which also features Barks' Disney and non-Disney paintings ...
I.M.D.b. - The Internet Movie Database
An impressive database that countains movies, cartoons and T.V.shows titles, biographies of actors, voices, directors..., summaries, comments, and more... The Disney pages are much complete.
B.C.D.b. - The Big Cartoon DataBase
A fine index of cartoons, including Disney shorts and TV series.
The Encyclopedia of Disney Animated Shorts
Patrick Malone's veru useful site where you can find all the informations you need about your favourite Disney cartoons, T.V.shows or series (especially the "Mouseworks" series).

- Mailing lists, forums and chatrooms : (àtop)

D.C.M.L. - The Disney Comics Mailing List
A mailing list about, well... Disney comics...
The DUCKhunt Mailing List 
A mailing list about Barks/Rosa comics universes
The DUCKhunt IRC chat
Server: irc.duckburg.dk
Port: 6667
Channel: #duckhunt
The D.C.M.L. IRC chat
Server: irc.duckburg.dk
Port: 6667
Channel: #dcml
Von Drake's Disney Forums
Da Ultimate Disney Forums


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