Entenhausen, as seen by Egmont

    This map was originally another clickable map of Duckburg I found at the German Ehapa website "Willkommen in Entenhausen" (Welcome to Duckburg), but the site isn't online anymore, so I assembled all of the pieces together, and the result is a big map you can view by clicking on the little map below. It's from a big gift poster published in the German "Micky Maus" #1996-18. There are no references to Barks, or any other author, and Mice characters as well as Duck characters are included. The exact authors are unknown.
Egmont, for some reason, don't like to have Duckburg in the real world. Italians, for instance, and Americans, have always seen Duckburg as a city of the USA (and most of the time around California), but it hasn't been so in Egmont countries...
Click on the map below to see a bigger scaled one :

Below are, translated from German, the places the note numbers refer to :
# Place: # Place: # Place: # Place:
1 Manor 7 Mickey Mouse's house 13 The Beagle Boys' house 19 Docks
2 Airport 8 Daisy Duck's house 14 Grandma Duck's farm 20 Museum
3 Train-station 9 Gladstone Gander's house 15 Art-gallery 21 Gyro Gearloose's house
4 Stadium 10 Minnie Mouse's house 16 Pete's house
5 Police-station 11 Goofy's house 17 Parc
6 Donald Duck's house 12 Scrooge's Money Bin 18 Town Hall

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