Marovelli's map of Duckburg

    On page 108 of the book "Introduzione a Paperino",1974, written by Marovelli, Paolini and Saccomanno as an extension of their University Thesis about a
sociological approach to the works of Carl Barks and published in an anthropoligical series of books by the big Italian publisher Sansoni, Marovelli drew a map of Duckburg and wrote a little text about the city and a legend for the map.

The book

The map

Here is an English translation of the original Italian text and legend :

"This is Duckburg, founded in the 1861 by Cornelius Coot (see "Statuesque Spendthrifts" and "Chugwagon Derby"). The city has been constructed around a wooden fort built to defend the ancient pioneers against the Indians on a hill where Uncle Scrooge's Money Bin stands. It is a city-state, center of a very intense cultural, economic and mundane life (it entertains a world fair among other things), it has a harbor that opens on the estuary of a river that flows into the Californian Pacific coast. Donald lives in the suburbs and a story ("Wispy Willie") also shows us the topographical location of his house. Gladstone and Daisy live near him, in the same suburban quarter, while Gyro's house is located close to a tributary of the main river. We recontructed the rest, thanks to a bit of fantasy and some clues found here and there in stories, as follows:

1) Great Public Square or Town Hall Public Square; 2) Stadium; 3) Public Park [several stories]; 4) Rugby Stadium; 5) Racecourse ["The Hard Loser" and "The Heedless Horseman"]; 6) City park with the liberty bell, the Spanish galleon ["The Prize of Pizarro"], and the statue of Cornelius Coot  ["Statuesque Spendthrifts"]; 7) Duckburg's fairground parks ["The Unorthodox Ox"]; 8) Zoo [several stories]; 9) Uncle Scrooge's Zoo ["Trail of the Unicorn" and "The Billion Dollar Safari"]; 10) Municipal Aquarium ["The Littlest Chicken Thief", as "Sea Show Aquarium"]; 11) Duckburg's world-fair ["The Candy Kid"]; 12) Museum of the infamy; 13) Studio of Modern Art ["Hound of the Whiskervilles"]; 14) Science Hall ["Tracking Sandy" and "The Lovelorn Fireman"]; 15) Wax Museum ["The Wax Museum"]; 16) Museum of natural history; 17) Duckburg's Museum ["The Mummy's Ring" and "The Golden Helmet"]; 18) Communal library; 19) Center of nuclear research; 20) Electronic center with great brain for test; 21) Court [several stories]; 22) Office of lost-and-found objects; 23) Electric central; 24) Nautical Club at 768 Green Avenue ["The Master Wrecker", as "Top Brass Club, at 168 Plush Avenue" (the real 768 is just a shed)]; 25) Inventors' club; 26) Archeologist's club ["Crown of the Mayas"]; 27) Club of the skeptic billionairs of clay-pigeon shooting (in hilly zone) ["Micro-Ducks from Outer Space"]; 28) Duckburg's philharmonic orchestra; 29) Dance school for fatties; 30) Giant clock of the TV tower ["The Master Glasser"]; 31) Duckburg's Lake; 32) The Black forest near Duckburg [several stories];  33) Duckburg's beach [several stories]; 34) Harbor and wharf with submarine explorers's club ; 35) Old and glorious lighthouse of Cape Quack ["Northeaster on Cape Quack"]; 36) Fort Indomitable (demolished by Donald Duck after communal order) ["The Master Wrecker"]; 37)Neptune's Tooth Rock; 38) Show of the pastry (in central zone); 39) Scrooge's Money Bin [regular]; 40) Cathedral of Notre Duck ["The Phantom of Notre Duck"]; 41) Old castle of the ducks  ["House of Haunts", as Castle of the Mad Duke of Duckburg]; 42) Donald's house [regular]; 43) Daisy's house [regular]; 44) Gladstone's house [regular]; 45) Gyro's house[regular]; 46) Daisy's sister's house ["Flip Decision"]; 47) Road to "Borgo Talpa" [Moleburg???,probably the translation of Pumpkinburg ("The Long Race to Pumpkinburg"), Pickleburg ("Playing Hookey"), or Omelet ("Omelet")...]; 48) Road to Goosetown [several stories]; 49) Road to Grandma Duck's farm [regular]; 50) Road to the missile base ["Missile Fizzle"]; 51) Duckburg's airport [several stories]; 52) Swamp of No Return ["The Swamp of No Return"]."

The estuary of the Tulebug river is obviously took from the map shown in "Fishy Warden", and the "harbor and wharf" (#34) is took from the treasure map shown in "Some Heir Over the Rainbow" (see both maps at my page about Barks' maps).
Note that some translations may be wrong : I do not speak Italian, and there was no references to original stories given in the book, so some expressions are the corresponding English name, some are litteral English translations...
The references between [...] are additions I made to the original text. I unfortunately didn't find all of them...

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