Dan McIntyre's Map of Duckburg

    In Picsou Magazine #292, in which DonRosa's family Tree has been first published in France, has been made a special
section : " Une Famille en Or_Toutes les questions que tu t'es toujours posées sur la famille de Picsou sans jamais trouver de réponses!" ( All the questions you have always asked yourself about $crooge's family without finding answers"), with many Family Trees, and questions such as "Who are Huey, Dewey and Louie's parents", or "Who are the Coots"... and that one: "Where is Duckburg Located ?"... And then comes this map, drawn by Dan McIntyre... I don't know about its original publication, but it seems to have been published in an article in "Toimituksen oma nurkka", published on May 27, 1981, in the finnish Aku Ankka #1981-21 (so it probably originally comes from an American fanzine from the early '70es...).
It seems to be only based on Barks' stories, but at the same time, Dan McIntyre allowed himself the liberty to make it look like a Donald Duck's head...

Here is the translation of the tiny article :

Where is Duckburg Located ?
" Duckburg is located in a Northern America's state called Calisota. Don't search it on a map, it doesn't exist! But according to specialists, this state would be located between California and Oregon! Here is what Duckburg should look like: "

Click on the picture to see larger scan.
I won't list the Barksian references right now, cause it's a huge work to do, but I promise I'll do it, some day :-)
Too bad they didn't tell anything about the legend of the map. We can assume that numbers 1, 2 and 3 refer to Donald's, Daisy's and Gladstone's houses...

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