Other maps from Disney comic stories

    Here are several authors of comic stories' points of view about the geographical dimension in Disney comics :

*   In the story "Topolino e la rivolta delle ombre" ("Mickey and the revolt of the shadows"), by Giovan Battista Carpi,  we can see the panel below :
(Soleil = Sun, Lune = Moon, Terre = Earth, Mickeyville = Mouseton). In the story "Pippo e il doppio cavaliere nero" ("Goofy and the double black knight") by Carpi too, Mickey Mouse mentions that Mouseton is in  California.

panel from "Topolino e la rivolta delle ombre"

*   In "Zio Paperone e il vulcano d'oro" ("Uncle Scrooge and the golden volcano"), by Luciano Gatto, we can see, on a panel, a map of North America with an arrow pointed on Duckburg :

panel from "Zio Paperone e il vulcano d'oro"

*   The story "Zio Paperone in vacanza con 80 dollari" ("Uncle Scrooge in holidays for 80 dollars") countains a map showing where Duckburg is. The story is about Scrooge and Rockerduck having a bet : whether Scrooge and Donald can travel around the
world for 80 dollars. The first stage goes to New York (their target is to visit the most famous tourist cities in all the five continents), and we see a map over North America, with Duckburg and New York marked. On this map, Duckburg is located in the Californian area.

*   In the story "Alla ricerca della pietra zodiacale, part6 : Ahi...Le Hawai", ("In search for the zodiacal stone, part 6 : Hi... Hawaii") by Bruno Sarda and Massimo, Mickey Mouse is phoning Scrooge McDuck, who is in his Money Bin in Duckburg, from in the Mouseton Museum. On a panel, we can see a map which shows the places of the two cities : Duckburg seems to be next to San Diego, while Mouseton seems to be next to New Orleans.

*   In "Topolino e lo scettro di Dromatan" ("Mickey and the sceptre of Dromatan"), by Giuseppe Dalla Santa , we can see the following map. (Andeby = Duckburg, but more likely Mouseton)

panel from "Topolino e lo scettro di Dromatan"

*   In "De verloren zilvermijn" ("The lost silver mine" ), by Ben Verhagen, we can see this map of Duckburg's neighbourhood ( Donaldville = Duckburg; Vanhorn must be a tribute to the Disney artist William Vanhorn; Sunset City : a city where Scrooge owns a silver mine) :

*   In the beginning of "Un supereroe per caso" ("Superhero by chance"), episode 1 of the third Italian series of "Paperinik" by Gianfranco Cordara and Lorenzo Pastrovicchio, we can see the following panel which shows where Duckburg is located. In this series, which is very futuristic, Donald acts as a superhero in avery modern city...

third panel of  "Un supereroe per caso"

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