Romano Scarpa's conception of the Disney Universe

    Compared with Barks', Romano Scarpa's conception of the Disney characters' universe is more a funny childish universe without physical laws where you can meet Ducks, Mices, the mad Hatter, and a melting pot of other Disney characters from different sources. But he made some maps and invented ahistory for this universe... He seems to have been inspired by both Carl Barks and Floyd Gottfredson. He uses Topolinia (Mouseton) as a hime town for the Mice characters (Mickey, Goofy, Ellsworth, Clarabelle,...), as Floyd Gottfredson used to (he first called it Mouseville), Paperopoli (Duckburg), for the Ducks' (Donald, Scrooge, Brigitta,...), as Barks did. hometown. Many of the Italian creators find their sources in Scarpa's work.

*   In the rough copies he made for the script of "Topolino Imperatore della Calidornia", ("Mickey, Emperor of  Calidornia"),  we can see that Romano Scarpa is searching a name close to California, to make Mickey reign on it. Ruling out "Canidornia" and "Calicorbia" (he probably didn't know that 9 years before, Barks had already created Calisota). He finally chose Calidornia, and draws a map of it on first panel.
The picture below is the French version, as it has been published in Mickey Parade #221, from May, 1998. Mickeyville means Mouseton, Donaldville is Duckburg ( in the Duck Tales TV series, it was called Canarville), and Zoiville/Zoieville is the French for Goosetown. Anyway, in the original Italian version of the story, the third city's name isn't Goosetown (Ocopoli/Ocaville) but "Giuncavilla", whicht means "Junkville", the place where Bucky Bug lived in the Silly Symphonies comic strips from the 1930's). After Mickey Parade's article, "Romano Scarpa put "Topolinia" (Mouseton) where actually stands Los Angeles, then comes "Paperopoli" (Duckburg) where is San Francisco." But on this map, Duckburg would rather be San Francisco, Mouseton would be more Bakersfield and Goosetown would be L.A... Calidornia would be the actual California in a parallel Disney universe. We could assume that it's the Italian translation for Barks' Calisota...

first panel from Scarpa's "Topolino Imperatore della Calidornia"

*   In Scarpa's "Paperino eroe di Duckburg", ("Donald hero of Duckburg"), Donald tells his nephews the story of his ancestor Donaldson (French name), who was a hero in Duckburg's history, in the battle of the American Civil War. First, Donaldson and his cousin MacGus work at the farm, but they get drafted in the army, and  the following map shows what they have to do... First of all, Duckburg isn't the actual Italian name for Duckburg, neither the French name. In this story, it's used as the ancient name of Duckburg. So, if this story was some day published in the US, I guess the translation could be Drakenborough (Don Rosa's name for the ancient Duckburg)...
Translation :
- Lignes Sudistes/ Lignes Nordistes => Southern lines /Northern lines;
- Le Tumultueux Fleuve => "The Wild River" (could be the Tulebug River);
- Piste des caravanes => trail of the caravans;
- Machintown => "Thingamajigtown";
- Carte N° X => Map#10.

panels from Scarpa's "Paperino eroe di Duckburg"

*   In Scarpa's "A Wave of Good Fortune/Zio Paperone e il tunnel sottomarino ", Rockerduck wants to build a bridge over the bay, and we can see several maps  (Donaldville = Duckburg ; Île Bon Repos = Peaceful Island)...

panels from Scarpa's "A Wave of Good Fortune"

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