The 313 Car!!!

    Here are all the informations and documents I have from this car :

It is a 1934 Belchfire Runabout (although this car has a name, it is said that Donald constructed it himself). This car has never existed in real life (wereas cars such as Grandma Duck's have), but a car has been later inspired by it.

The following drawings are three 313 by different autors : Rosa, Taliaferro and Barks :

Don Rosa made a beautiful drawing of the 313:

 This is a beautiful paint by Carl Barks ("A 1934 Belfshire Runabout", 1984):


Giorgio Cavazzano made a beautiful drawing with the 313 for the three limited edition drawings "Planète 2000" that you could get with points from "Mickey Parade" issues from 2000 (interresting detail : the car registration is "DKG 313")

Then, here are the plans of the 313 (click on the plan to see a larger scan) :

This drawing by Claude Lacroix has been published in the French "Journal de Mickey" #2415 (09/31/1998) on the occasion of the "Mondial de l'Automobile"'s 100th birthday on a central poster. I did my best to try to translate the inscriptions, but there might be mistakes... This drawing has been published again in the shape of a two-pages drawing in the "Journal de Mickey" #2497 (04/26/2000), with some changes in the inscriptions. The best change is that the commentaries about he Glüstock 13 U are "secret piece of the 313" instead of "is of no use".
There are other stories in which we can see what's inside the 313 : Don Rosa's "The Black Knight", in which the 313 is cut into two parts (D 97346) and "Recalled Wreck" (AR 105) ( I think this drawing has been inspired of this story) , in which Donald makes a revision of his car.

In "Recalled Wreck", we can learn about a secret piece, the "veeblefetzer". ( That's a nonsense word that "MAD Magazine" used to use when Don Rosa was a kid ) In French, it has been translated "Trembloteur". I think there might be something to do with the "Glüstock 13 U" from the preceding plans...

In "Le Journal de Mickey" that republished the plans were offered a scale model of the 313 to build with paper pieces created by François Pasquet, chief of the drawing studios of "LJdM"... Here is the photo of what it should look like :

Then, there have been toys of the 313 :
this is a metallic 313 with a plastic Donald Duck in it with the two car numbers on stickers by Esci . I have no idea of the date... (sorry, but the image is of very poor definition. For you to see it, I also scanned the front number of the car...) :
...and this is a remote radiocontrolled 313 car (without number) by Nikko :

This one is a toy of Paperinik (Superduck) in the 313 by Polistil :

This is a 313 I sculpted myself :

This is a stamp with a [yellow?!] 313 from my stamp collection (1979):

When Donald changes into Super Duck, his car becomes registred "X" instead of "313" :

In "The Duck Who Never Was" (D93574), Don Rosa shows that if Donald didn't exist, the car would belong to Gladstone, since he would have won it in a lottery years ago, and would carry the number 131.


In the Gyro Gearloose story "Inventor of Anything" (WUS 14) by Barks appears a character, Speedy, with a car.
Donald was first intended to play the role of Speedy, but Barks had to change this because he was asked by his publisher to do so, as in a comicbook you had to have different characters in each story. But the car of Speedy is still registered 313 :

In the cartoon "Don Donald", from 1937, Donald already had a similar car :

Eventually,  in at least two episodes of "Mouseworks" : "Mickey's New Car" and "Opposite Town", Mickey has a car which looks a lot like the 313 :

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