Mickey Mouse's Cars

    Mickey has owned several cars, but each one was caracteristic of the period :

The first car Mickey had was this one, in Gottfredson stories, was a little red car with a "M " on its door :

Then, another car appeared at the end of the 30'es, wether red or blues, but always with the same shape :

But the one which is the most famous is a more square one, registered 113 . I think Scarpa was the first to use it, and he uses it in every story he makes. Now it is the most used in newer stories, sometimes blue or red or red and blue, with the "113" number or without it or, more rarely, "1313" but still with the same shape :

A toy was even made about this car, by Politoys :

In the cartoon "Mickey's Rival" from 1936, Mickey has a kind of "toon" car (a little like Benny the Cab in "Who Framed roger Rabbit", with eyes and all) :

In the series "Mouseworks", he is shown to have this car, which looks much like Donald's 313 :

In the episode of "Mouseworks" "Mickey's New Car", he buys a new car, but it is too sophisticated for him, and he leaves it in the end :

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