Donald Duck's Cars !!!

    First, in a Taliferro strip from February, 24th, 1938 Donald sells his old car immatriculated 113 :

Then, on July, 1st from the same year, he finally owns the 313 !

 A similar car had appeared in the film "Don Donald ", but without any number (1937) :

April, 1941 : Donald goes for holidays in a new car immatriculated 3113, but this one breaks down at the end of its first gag...

In another strip by Taliaferro, Donald make peolple believe he has an expensive sports car, but it is in fact a disguise for the 313 :

In "Trail of the Unicorn" (OS 263), by Barks, Donald win much money from $crooge, and he buys himself a better car than Gladstone's (he probably broke it or sold it because of the lack of luck and money he is always victim of !) :

In Barks' "You Can't Guess" (XMP02) Donald is offered four different cars : one from Grandma , one from Scrooge, one from Daisy and one from Gladstone.

In "Some Heir Over the Rainbow" (WDC 155), by Barks, Donald, who just has discovered a cauldron filled with money by Scrooge choose to buy a sportscar which is twice more expensive than the money which is in the cauldron :

In the cartoon "Lucky Number", Donald is a garagist and owns a black car which is driven in the cartoon by Huey, Dewey and Louie (in the same cartoon, he wins a sportcar : the "Zoom V-8" , but he automatically breaks it, thinking it is a joke...) :
Donald's car:

The "Zoom V-8" :

In "Wet Paint" (1946)? Donald paints his red car but a bird annoy him :

But the 313 stays the most famous among Donald's cars, so I decided building a special page about it, given all the stuffs I have about it : toys, sculptures, drawings, stamps, plans... You mutn't miss this page! click here!

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