Quest for Kalevala
( D 99078 )
- 1999 -

  In this stories, Don chose to deal with Kalevala, a Finish mythology, and so he didn't use panels from Barks' stories, but paintings about this legend...
I am not sure I have all of them, but here are some:
This one is a based on Akseli Gallen-Kallela's "The Forging of the Sampo" (1893) :

Then, Don used Akseli Gallen-Kallela's "The Defence of the Sampo" (1896) :

This drawing is used for two panels, and also in a drawing, which has been published in Picsou Magazine  # 344. A book, "Kalevala E Fulbeya" (1983), a reprint of Kalevala into Peul,  a popular dialect used by a hungarian minority, also uses this picture...

I'd add that Don Rosa used the style of famous Kalevalaian paints for his story, for instance, you can compare those drawings with this paint of Ilmatar by Alainen, 1920... Too bad I haven't very much references in Kalevala: there are probably more than one panels I missed...

Finally, Magica's house is used .

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