E. Moore

 - Captain of the Cutty Sark -

* List of the stories he appears in :
- D 98045 : "The Cowboy Captain of the Cutty Sark" (Lo$#3b), from 1998, by Don Rosa.


* His biography :
     Very poor information is available about this man...
   Captain E. Moore took over the Cutty Sark in 1882, after Captain Bruce, an incompetent, obese and hypocritical man, a bully and physical coward, and his first mate were sacked. It's a Willis who transferred him and most of his crew from the Blackadder to this ship. Moore found the ship in a deplorable condition bordering on criminal neglect but, by the time Cutty Sark returned to London in 1883 she was 'ship shape and Bristol fashion' once again. Captain Moore made a rather dull sugar voyage to Bengal, and two round the world voyages to Australia, in 1883 and 1884; during that time, he showed what the ship could really do under all weathers. The Cutty Sark's spars had been cut down and the crew reduced from 28 to 22,21 or even 19 and she thrived. Taking 79 days from the English Channel to Newcastle, NSW and 82 days on the return in 1883 she beat all rivals, making the fastest passage of the year.
   He is not to mistake with Captain F.W. Moore, himself captain on the same ship in 1872-1873.

* His place in the Barks/Rosa stories universe :
    In "The Cowboy Captain of the Cutty Sark", which takes place in 1883, Scrooge is aboard the Cutty Sark and works on it as a sailor under the command of Captain Moorey, to learn this business but also because he brings the two longhorns he bred in Montana to Batavia, Java, to sell them to the Sultan of  Djokja. After he left the boat, the Sultan of Solo steals his longhorns because he thinks he'll win the Kerapan Sapi, a bull-race which takes place every year in Madoera, Java. He goes back to the boat and takes the command of it, with the autorisation of Captain Moore, and catches the thieves up. In the meanwhile, they face the terrible explosion of Krakatau. During all the story, Captain Moore asks one of his assistants, Mister Pencroft, to bring him his camera, but he only finds it in the end, and a lump on lava falls on it and breaks it. He seems to love photographies.
   For this character, Don Rosa has been inspired by Gregory Peck, Captain Achab, in the movie version of the classic novel Moby Dick by Herman Melville, directed by John Huston, because the photographs and references to the character of captain Moore brought this particular movie to his mind. Don Rosa also discovered that one of the captains of the Cutty Sark had a passion with photography and cameras ; he could have been his predecessor and mentor, who transferred this passion to him...
   In the summer of 1883, the Cutty Sark wasn't in Java, but was carrying a load of wool to Australia. This means that it could easily have made a detour to go by Batavia...

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