Andeby, as seen by Egmont

    Here is a clickable map of Duckburg I found at the Norwegian website, in a special section about Andeby (Duckburg). It's from a sticker map poster given as a gift in at least the Norwegian and Danish weeklies Donald Duck & Co. #1997-13, and Anders And & Co. #1997-13, (I don't know about the other Egmont weeklies) from March 1997. Unlike the first map of Egmont did, this one includes Barksian references and typically Egmont countries stories references, and only Duck characters are included. The exact authors are unknown. It is in Norwegian, so I'm going to translate it...
Egmont, for some reason, don't like to have Duckburg in the real world. Italians, for instance, and Americans, have always seen Duckburg as a city of the USA (and most of the time around California), but it hasn't been so in Egmont countries...
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Divisions of the map :
Skogområdet = The forest area
Snobbestrøket = The snob district
Villastrøket = The villa district
Havneområdet = The harbour/port area
Forretningsstrøket = The business area
Industriområdet = The industrial area
Byparken = The city park
Sydsiden = The Southside
Strandområdet = The beach area
Skyggesiden = The dark side 
Ut på landet = The countryside
Register :
Prominente bygninger = Prominent buildings
Næringsliv = Trade
Kultur/underholdning = Culture/entertainment
Offentlige Bygg = Public buildings
Privatboliger = Private homes
Notes on the map :
Apalveien =  Opal Road (Donald's house's street)
Daudbilbakken = Killmotor Hill
# Place: # Place: # Place: # Place:
1 Scrooge McDuck's Money Bin 12 Barber 23 Tullevold Stadium ** 34 University
2 The McDuck Building / Tower 13 Radio/TV-studio 24 Circus 35 Cape Quack Lighthouse
3 The Billionaires' Club 14 Bakery 25 The Junior Woodchucks's club house 36 City Dump
4 Brutopian Embassy  15 Margarine Factory * 26 City Park 37 Donald Duck's house
5 Duckburg Bank 16 Railway Station 27 Zoo 38 Daisy Duck's house
6 Swelldorf Brasstoria Hotel 17 Airport 28 Town Hall of Duckburg 39 Gladstone Gander's house
7 Restaurant Ritz 18 Burglars, Thugs, and Pirates' Union 29 Jail 40 Gyro Gearloose's house
8 Estate agent 19 Cinema 30 Police station 41 Grandma Duck's house
9 Auction Hall 20 Theater 31 Fire Station 42 Villa Gullhaug *** 
10 Duckburg Cars 21 Duckburg's Museum 32 Duckburg Public School 43 The Beagle Boys' house
11 Travel agency 22 Library 33 Technical school for Junior 
44 Mr. Jones' house

*     : was once a Scandinavian translation from a Barks' "skunk oil factory" ("The Price of Fame")and have then appeared in hundreds of Egmont countries stories. Donald often works there.
**   : Tullevold is the Norwegian name of the soccer stadium in Duckburg, after Ullevaal Stadium in Oslo
*** : Scrooge's villa in Danish stories.

Here are the Barksian references :
- 4........: from Barks' "The Swamp of No Return";
- 6,18...: from Barks' "The Status Seeker";
- 33......: from Barks' "Tracking Sandy";
- 35......: from Barks' "Northeaster on Cape Quack".
The Billionaire's Club and the Ritz Restaurant have been used more than once by Barks and  have become regular in comics nowadays.

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