The Conception of the Disney universe in Goof Troop

    I use to call "Goof Troop universe" the following group of shows :
- "A Very Goofy Christmas" (part of the video "Mickey's Once Upon a Christmas", 2000, realized after but coming before the other episodes)
- the "Goof Troop" TV series (1992-1994)
- "A Goofy Movie" (1995)
- "An Extremely Goofy Movie" (video only, 2000)

   In all of these shows, the main characters are Goofy, living alone with his son Maximilian/Maximum/"Max"/"Goofy Junior" in the city of Spoonerville with, as neighbors, Bad Pete, his wife Peg, his daughter Pistol and his son P.J., Max's best friend, all living in the city of Spoonerville. To them, we could possibly add the following "Geef shorts" from the '50es/'60es: "Fathers are People", "Father's Lion", "Father's Day Off", "Father's Week End", and "Aquamania", as these shorts feature Goofy Junior / George Junior / Georgie, who could be the same character than Max in his younger days (moreover, some of these shorts also star Mrs Goofy, we could suppose that they happen before she dies/leave Goofy, and we have no indications on where the shorts actually take place, except for Aquamania, in which the name "Anytown" is given). The other traditionnal Disney characters (Mickey, Donald and Tutti quanti...), don't appear in these shows, except in cameos in "A Goofy Movie". But in "Mickey's Once Upon a Christmas", there is a final song with Goofy, Max, Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy and the nephews... Then, in the show "House of Mouse", where Goofy is acting as a waiter, we can also see Max, and this probably happens after "An Extremely Goofy", after he ended his studies at the university. So it's possible that Spoonerville is also the city in which take place the "Mouseworks" shows...

   This is a map shown in "A Goofy Movie", when Goofy shows it to his son to explain him the trip they'll make, during their "holidays", from Spoonerville to the Destiny Lake, in Idaho. (Sorry about the quality, this is a photograph of my TV screen :-))
We can guess the actual location of Spoonerville : Colombus, Ohio!...

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