Don Rosa's conception of the Ducks' Universe

    Don Rosa seems to share Barks' philosophy about the Ducks, that's to say he sees them as human being living in our real universe, or at least a parallel very similar universe. They both use real places ( like Scotland, the USA, India, Paris, Stonehenge, Egypt,...), and invented places (Brutopia,...) which were most of the time intended to be parodies of real states (Brutopia was a parody of USSR Barks made. In Don Rosa's conception, it would be located at the eastern third of Russia). They also both use hystorical details, but Don Rosa does this much more than Barks did.
Don Rosa decided to use again Barks' term of "Calisota", and decided to place it where stands the first northern third of California, that is to say between California and Oregon.

He shows it on the map in Lo$ 10 : "The Invader of Fort Duckburg", first panel :

Don Rosa's map of Calisota
He seems to have placed Duckburg where actually stands the city Eureka.

This map shows some Barksian references such as Old Demon Tooth, Black Forest and Tulebug River (which is where Eel River actually stands). In his stories, Don Rosa often uses references to Barks' stories.
That map is the most realistic one I found. 

In "The Three Caballeros Ride Again", which takes place in South California, Donald tells "Shht! Daisy is just 1600 km away!"... 

In "Attack of the Hideous Space Varmints", we can see a view of the western coast of the US, and the Ducks recognize their home state... (see picture below)

Page 23, panel 1 of Don Rosa's "Attack of the Hideous Space Varmints"

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*   In the Italian "Topolino", interresting maps were published in 2002, with some references to Barks, and one of them seems to have been somehow inspired by Don Rosa's map.

Other interresting sources on the web about Don Rosa's Duckburg :
*   On his site, Andrea Salimbetti has a page with a map of Duckburg he drew, and two maps of the western coast of the US which illustrate Don Rosa's and Carl Barks' points of view.
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