Paperopoli, as seen in "Topolino"

    In 2002, in the issues 2409 to 2420 of the Italian Topolino, a very interresting series of articles entitled "Tutti da ..." ("Everything on ...") and arted by Blasco Pisapia was published. In each article was shown the detailed description of a Disney character's house, and its location with a little red square on a map (two different maps, with different scales, were used, depending on whether the character lives inside or outside the city). It was told that a full, large sized, more complete and more detailed map, along with a map of Duckburg's surroundings, would be published, at the end of the series, in a "surprise issue of Topolino" but the project to make a fold up plan of Duckburg, showing its most famous landmarks, has been abandoned. Still, the map Blasco Pisapia had prepared for that purpose has been published on March 5, 2003 in a Panini Stickers album entitled "Album di Topolino - Mickey & Donald".

Here is a list of the issues with each corresponding article and character :
- Topolino #2409 : "Tutti da Paperino! " => Donald Duck (and Neighbor Jones)
- Topolino #2410 : "Tutti da Pico de Paperis! " => Ludwig Von Drake
- Topolino #2411 : "Tutti da zio Paperone " => Uncle Scrooge McDuck (and, of course, his Money Bin)
- Topolino #2412 : "Tutti da  Paperina! " => Daisy Duck
- Topolino #2413 : "Tutti dai Bassotti!! " => The Beagle Boys (and their trailer)
- Topolino #2414 : "Tutti da Archimede! " => Gyro Gearloose
- Topolino #2415 : "Tutti da Nonna Papera! " => Grandma Duck (and Gus Goose)
- Topolino #2416 : "Tutti da Gastone! " => Gladstone Gander
- Topolino #2417 : "Tutti da Amelia! " => Magica de Spell (this time, no map but side view of her volcano)
- Topolino #2418 : "Tutti da Rockerduck! " => John D. Rockerduck
- Topolino #2419 : "Tutti da Brigitta! " => Brigitta McBridge
- Topolino #2420 : "Tutti da Paperoga! " => Fethry Duck

One of the maps shows a lot of Barksian references, and we could even tell, if we take a look at the Money Bin, the Old Mount Demon Tooth, the Black Forest, and the Tulebug river's positions, and if we observe the presence of this "Calisota-Missouri railway", that it has been inspired by Don Rosa's map of Calisota, shown in his story "The Invader of Fort Duckburg", from 1994.

I "cleaned" both maps (that's to say, I removed the red squares), click on them if you want to see big sized original scans :

bigger scale

lower scale

Here is a summary of the locations of each house and building :

Unfortunately, I couldn't check out the locations of Fethry's and Brigitta's houses yet...

Here the translations for the names appearing on the map :
- Capo Quack = Cape Quack (from Barks' "Northeaster on Cape Quack")
- Ducktown = Ducktown
- Duckville = Duckville
- Fiume Quack = Quack River (from Barks' "The Chickadee Challenge")
- Fiume Tulebug = Tulebug River (from Barks' "Beach Boy")
- Ferrovia Calisota-Missouri = Calisota-Missouri Railway (from Don Rosa's "The Invader of Fort Duckburg"???)
- Foresta Nera = The Black Forest (from several Barks' stories)
- Monte Dente del Diavolo = Old Mount Demon Tooth (from Barks' "The Money Stairs")
- Ocopoli = Goosetown (from Barks' stories, and then became in Italy a constant name for the nearest town from Duckburg)
- Paperopoli = Duckburg
- Shacktown = Shacktown (from Barks' "A Christmas For Shacktown")

I don't know where the names Ducktown and Duckville come from.

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