To celebrate the year 2000 and the Third Millenium, the French Disney comics magazine "Mickey Parade" ( now called "Mickey Parade Géant", since the issue #265 from January 2002 ) created a special collection of 18 issues with covers drawn by Giorgio Cavazzano, front and back, plus a series of three beautiful lithographs by Cavazzano too (these lithographs were destinated to the readers of Mickey Parade ; you had to cut out and collect stamps in each magazine, and when you had 6, you sent them and a lithograph was sent back to you),  called "Planète 2000".

This collection was very special. Each issue had two numbers : the  normal number of the issue (236 to 253) plus  the number in the series (1 to 18). Then, there were drawings on the 4th covers, which isn't the case of the other issues of Mickey Parade. Each issue is dedicated to a Disney comics character, and each character speak about itself on the fourth cover, right under the drawing ( its life, its debuts, its original name, its project for the 3rd millenium...). Finally, the series had 18 issues while the  previous series used to have 12 issues, ie 12 months = 1year from January to December.
With each lithograph was given a certificate of exceptionnal edition on which there is written : "This illustration, which is a limited edition, drawn by Giorgio Cavazzano, for the readers of Mickey Parade, is the first (second, third) of a series of three especially realised on the occasion of the year 2000 and of the passage to the third millenium. 5000 numbered copies of this illustration have been printed off on 250g "rive" paper and it won't be reprinted anymore".
As the covers and lithographs were really beautiful, I decided to share them with you :-)

-The Covers :
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-The Lithographs :
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