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I (àtop)
Rose, a little cat girl, arrives in Spoonerville, in the episode "Puppy Love" of the "Goof Troop" series . PJ imediately falls in love with her. But when Max tries to impress her for Peej, Rose finally goes to dance with Max instead. 
PETE Junior "P.J." The first time that Pete has a son, Junior, is in the cartoon "Bellboy Donald" (1942), and also in "Father's Week End" (1953), but P.J. gets his actual looking in the TV series "Goof Troop", since the premiere "Forever Goof", in 1992. He also appears in "A Goofy Movie" (1995), and  "An Extremely Goofy Movie" (2000). In comic books, he first appears in the adaptation of "Bellboy Donald", and then in the adaptation of the "Goof Troop" series, and later in the adaptation of "A Goofy Movie" from 1996.
"Beret Girl"  In "An Extremely Goofy Movie" (2000), P.J.'s has a tall and slim cat girl (his extreme opposite!!!) wearing black clothes and a black beret as a girlfriend,  but she hasn't been given any name. In the credits of the movie, she is just called "Beret Girl".
Pistol PETE Pistol is Pete's daughter, in the TV and comicbooks series "Goof Troop".Her name comes from the name his father gets in the cartoon "Two Gun Goofy", from 1952: "Pistol" Pete.
Pierino & Pieretto Pierino and Pieretto are Black Pete's twin nephews first appeared in "Topolino" #1879 in a story titled "Topolino e un favore da nulla" ("Mickey Mouse and the easy favour", 1994), by Carlo Panaro and Corrado Mastantuono, in which Mickey has to take care of them because their uncle is in prison. In the French version of the story, they are said to come from the city  "Big Town".

II (àtop)
Trudy In his earlier cartoons, Pete seemed to be in love with Minnie Mouse, always abducting her and trying to kiss her. But in "Topolino" #230, in Romano Scarpa's "Topolino e la collana Chirikawa" ("Mickey Mouse and the Chirikawa Necklace"), from 1960, Romano Scarpa gives him his own girlfriend (uuh... should I say catfriend ?) : Trudy. But she can also been considered as a cousin of him, as in her first appearance, we can see that she knew Pete even when they were children. Claude Marin, for the "Disney Babies", has once tried to create a female version of Pete, but she stayed a draft ; her French name would have been Patibulette (a kind of feminisation of Pete's French name : Pat Hibulaire). Maybe she could also be considered as one of Pete's girlfriend, or, as no american name have been given to her, as Trudy herself.
Plottigat "Plotty" Plottigat, Pete's cousin and evil genius first appeared in "Topolino" 1102  in Romano Scarpa's story "Topolino e il "Pippo-lupo"", from 1977, first published in "Topolino" #1102.
Chica Naria This girlfriend of Pete with a bird face, called Chica Naria, first appeared in "Pigeon Police" , from1981, first published in "Almanacco Topolino" #300. Then, she appeared in about 7 stories. 
"Black" PETE Maybe the oldest member of the "Mickey Mouse Team", Pete first appeared in Walt Disney's early "Alice Comedies", in the short "Alice Solves the Puzzle"(1925). Then, he has became Mickey's worst ennemy since the cartoon "Steamboat Willie", from 1928. He's got a lot of nicknames such as "Black", "Bad", "Peewee"...His full name is revealed in the comicbook tale "Mickey's Strange Mission" from "Walt Disney's Comics & Stories" #245 (1961, by Carl Fallberg and Paul Murry) : Percy P. Percival, also known as Black Pete, the Arch-Criminal.
Before being in love with Trudy, or even Peg, Pete seemed to be in love with Minie Mouse, always kidnapping her and trying to steal some kisses from her... In the series "Goof Troop", he is Goofy's neighbor.
Peg Peg is Pete's wife in the TV and comics series "Goof Troop". Then, Pete seems to have divorced as we don't see her and neither pistol in "A Goofy Movie" and "An Extremely Goofy Movie". Her name come from the nickname her husband has in many stories and cartoons: Peg-leg Pete.
Li'l PETE Black Pete's littler twin brother, called Li'l Pete, appears in Paul Murry and Carl Fallberg's "The River Pirates" first published in 1968 in "Walt Disney Comics and Stories" #336.
Petula "Sis"  Petula is Pete's older sister (she refers to him as "Li'l Brother Pete" or "Baby Brother" and he calls her "Sis"), and appeared in a daily strip series in December, 1998, in the US. She's got her own TV cooking show, called "Petula's Pantry". She wants to take Pete's revenge because Mickey put him in prison for life.

III (àtop)
"Maw" PETE Maw Pete, both Black Pete and Li's Pete's mother, appears in Paul Murry and Carl Fallberg's "The River Pirates", first published in 1968 in "Walt Disney Comics and Stories" #336, but I remember seeing Pete's Mother more recently in an Italian story Published in "Mickey Parade".

III (àtop)
Pecos (Pistol) PETE In the episode of "Goof Troop" "Gunfight At The Oakie-Doke Corral", appears a gangster, Pecos Pete, who fights with an ancestor of Goofy. He could be Pete's great-grandpa, and also the outlaw Pistol Pete who appears in the cartoon "Two Gun Goofy" (1952).

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