Studies on the genealogy of the main Disney

Building a family tree of a Disney character is not an easy job : first, you have to include all the concerned characters, which is somehow difficult, because you have to lead huge researches, then you have to face contradictions which exist from a story to another, from an "universe" to another,... But the most delicate issue is the big lack of normal family relations in the Disney universe (we can find as many uncles, aunts, nephews and nieces as possible, but direct parents or children are very rare). About this relevant topic, Don Rosa told "I don't really know the reason for there never being fathers and mothers, only aunts and uncles, in Disney comics. Maybe it makes the kids possible but doesn't limit the actions of the "parents"... Unca Donald can act slightly less responsible than a real father, with no mother to watch him. With the uncle/aunt deal you have all story possibilities still open with no limitations."
Several artists and specialists adventured themselves in the making of a Disney character's family trees. I tried to collect every single Family Tree of Disney characters which could be found in comics, cartoons, books,... I also made researches about the families of Disney characters, which allowed me to built the main Disney characters' family trees...

    * My Duck Family Trees pages, with family trees made by Disney artists, researchers, my own Duck Family tree and more...

    * Family Trees of other Disney characters collected from various sources :
- Jiminy Cricket's Family Tree (from "The Giant Walt Disney Word Book"1972). 
- A family tree of Goofy from the TV show "Walt Disney Presents : The Goofy Adventure Story" (1954);
- Goofy's family tree from a Tony Strobl story (remake of  "The Goofy Adventure Story" TV show, 1957);
- A phylogenetic tree of Mickey Mouse's species (not really a family tree but still interresting, 1997).
- Chip'n'Dale family tree by Gwyneth Mousetrow (on her "Chip 'n' Dale Treehouse" site);

    * Family trees I made long ago for other Disney characters than the Ducks :
- My Mouse Family Tree;
- My Goofey Family Tree;
- My Pete Family Tree;
- My Cow/Horsecollar Family Tree;

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