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    Clarabelle doesn't seem to be a very-well known and developped character, but she is just a little forgotten. Her family tree has been a lot more filled than anybody could believe, and she shouldn't be considered just as a simple character without importance. Cavazzano is one of the autors who remind us about that with the comics series :"Les années folles de Clarabelle", since 1989, in which she is the main character.
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1 : one-shot character.

àGenerations: I, II , III, IV.

I (àtop)
"Itsy-" Betsy 
This hyperactive niece of Clarabelle first appeared in the story "Triple-Sitter Trouble", first published in "Walt Disney's Comics and Stories" #346, from 1969.

II (àtop)
Elvire de BORCHELLE In "Horsecollar's Movie Star Cousin", from 1983, first published in the Brazilian "Zé Carioca" #1665,  Horace's star cousin comes and visit him. This is her German name.
Dorothy  She is Horace's other cousin, and is also a movie star. She appears in "Recreation Center", from 1986, first published in "Mega Almanacco" #354, and then in the Brazilian "Zé Carioca" #1789, by the title "A prima do Horácio". She could be the sister of  Elvire de Borchelle, and maybe she was intended to be Elvire herself, but I can't tell, as I don't have Elvire's original name.
This fiancé of Clarabelle, who is also one of Mickey Mouse's best pals, first appeared in the 1929 cartoon "The Plow Boy".
Carla In "The Beauty Queen", first published in "Topolino" #932, from 1973,  Goofy's is asked by Mickey to receive Clarabelle's cousin Carla (German name) who is supposed to be ugly, but in fact she's beautiful. A strange detail is that she ... is dogfaced !
Bertie "The Jinx" 
Clarabelle's cousin, created by Hubie Karp and Bob Grant in the Sunday "Silly Symphony featuring Pluto the Pup" from September 8, 1940, entitled "Horse Play" by the name Calfie and he manages to terrorize poor Pluto. Then he gets the name Bertie in his second appearance, in the tale "Cousin Bertie", first published in "Walt Disney's Comics and Stories" #36, from 1943, by Vivie Risto, and the nickname "The Jinx" in "Bertie the Jinx", by Ken Hultgren, published in the the very next issue of WDC&S.
Petunia This cousin of Clarabelle apears in "La Cugina Petunia", by Corrado Mastantuono and François Corteggiani, and first published in "Minni & company" #34, from 1996.
Clarabelle COW First known member of the Cow Family Tree, she first appeared by the name Carolyn, which could be her middle name, as a farm cow in the cartoon "Plane Crazy" from 1928, at the same time than Mickey and Minnie, but a similar cow appeared before in the 1926 pre-Mickey Mouse Disney film "Alice on the Farm", from Disney's "Alice Comedies" series. Then she got the name Clarabelle and became anthropomised in the cartoon "The Shindig", from 1930.
Goofy Goofy has been Clarabelle's boyfriend in  several stories and cartoons, but her real  and first love is Horace Horsecollar. 
(click here to see Goofy's family tree) 
Sarabelle Clarabelle's sister appeared in the quarterly children's activity book "Mickey Mouse Magazine", looking exactly as Clarabelle but with a blond wig. She can also be the blond-haired cow in the original "Mickey Mouse Club" introduction theme and also at the end of the show "This is your life, Donald Duck".
Boniface  Clarabelle's cousin Boniface probably first appeared in the Brazilian "Mickey" #427, in "O dia em que Patópolis tremeu " from 1986, by Roberto O. Fukue and Arthur Faria Jr. He brings bad luck, a little like Bertie does, excepted that Bertie wants to bring it and that Boniface doesn't.

III (àtop)
Archibald COW He is one of the two Clarabelle's uncles  seen in "Topolino e i fantasmi neri", drawn by Carpi. He and his brother died in their pumpkins field because of a bombing or, in a reprinted version of the same story, a helicopter accident.
(his original Italian name is Arcibaldo)
Theobald COW  The second uncle of Clarabelle from "Topolino e i fantasmi neri".
( his original Italian name is Teobaldo)
Auntie She is Clarabelle's handicapped aunt in wheel-chair, living in Far West . Clarabelle and Horace visit her in "Le Mauvais et les Méchants", only published in the French "Le Journal de Mickey" #2328, from 1997, by François Corteggiani. She is just called "Tata", which means auntie.
Mayor Stang He is Clarabelle's father, from the story "Two Gun Sheriff", by Al Hubbard, first published in "One Shots" #468, from 1953. In this story, Clarabelle lives with him in the small town of Gangsterborg (Danish name) out on the prairie, where her father is the mayor. In the Danish version, he is called Mayor Stang, or in Danish "Borgmester Stang", which is a wordplay, as "borgmesterstang" is the term for a certain type of Danish pastry. I don't know his original name.
Miss BOVINA She is Clarabelle's wealthy socialite aunt and may have first appeared in a strip from October 29, 1939, entitled "Mickey Gets the Drift", by Manuel Gonzales, Ted Thwaites and Merrill De Maris.

IV (àtop)
Durham COW Durham Cow, Clarabelle's grandfather, from the 1935 story "Race for Riches", drawn by Floyd Gottfredson, was a pionneer who carried the "Cow" name to the American West Coast, where he passed away, leaving a treasure that Mickey Mouse and Horace will dig up later. We can't see his face in the story.

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