My Goofey Family Tree

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I (àtop)
Debbie She is Max's older cousin, who comes and visit him in the episode "Leader Of The Pack", from the series "Goof Troop" .(one-shot)
Roderick Goofy's nephew.(one-shot)
Marmaduke An other nephew of Goofy.(one-shot)
Gilbert  He is Goofy's ferociously intelligent nephew who often stays with him. Gilbert was first introduced, in the Dell Four Color # 562, from 1954, when he came to stay with his uncle Goofy for a vacation. It was, in the comicbooks but also in his real life, that he met Goofy. He can also changes himself into "Super Gilly" when he eats super goobers, and he is one of the only persons who know the real identity of Super Goofy.
Maximum "Max" 
George Junior Goofey
Goofy's son first appeared in "Fathers are People", from October 21, 1951, as "Goofy Jr.". then he appeared a few imes in the "Geef" shorts, as Goofy Jr. or George Junior. I think those are his middle names. In those cartoons, he had a red hair and a pink nose. He gets his black nose, hair and long ears, and his nickname "Max", in the series "Goof Troop". His real ame is revealed in "A Goofy Movie": Maximum "Max" Goofey. 
Roxanne Max's Girlfriend, from the film "A Goofy Movie". She also appeared in some comic stories.

II (àtop)
Arizona Goof Arizona Goof, Goofy's archeologist cousin, first appeared in "The Lost Temple", from 1988, by Bruno Sarda, by the original name of  "Indiana Pipps" ( a parody on the heroe "Indiana Jones"). 
Pappo A lost  brother of Goofy appears in  " Topolino e il PippoTarzan " (Topolino 158 - 159), from 1957, by the original name "Pappo". He is aScarpa's creations. (one-shot)
Sylvia Marpole She is Goofy last girlfriend, in "An Extremely Goofy Movie", from 1999. She works at Max's university's library. (one-shot)
George G. 
He first appeared in the cartoon "Mickey's Revue", from 1932 as an unnamed goober muncher, and then in "The Whoopee Party" (1932)as "Dippy Dawg". Quickly, he only appears as Goofy in all the cartoons and comics. But Goofy cannot be a first name, and although Mickey and Donald have a name, Goofy didn't. So I went through all the comics and cartoons he appears in, and saw how he was called, looking for a more real full name:
1:Dippy Dawg, 2:Dippy The Goof, 3: Goofy, 4:George G. Geef, in the "Geef" shorts, 5: Mr. X in the cartoon "Aquamania" from 1961, 6: Jacob Marley, from "Mickey's Christmas Carol", 7:/Mr Biker in "How to ride a bicycle" from "Mouseworks", Mr Walker/Wheeler and then we see the last name "Goofey", on the map from " A Goofy Movie".
I rejected Dippy, Geef, X, Biker, Walker and Jacob Marley, considering them as names used for movies only.
"George G." were perfect, because they begin by the "G" letter, like "Goofy", and Goofy Junior was also called Georges Junior.
Then, I kept the name "Goofey", because Max is called Max Goofey by the principal Mazur, and the name was written that way on the map.
So "Goofy" would be a nickname, based on his real name and his personnality...
Eventually, I kept "Dawg" as his mother's name, because he has an uncle called Howan Dawg.
I think he is a little mentaly retarded (He stays with Mickey and Donald, but is much taller than them and he has a beard and an adult voice). An other clue that makes me think that he is much older than them is that he dated Minnie's Aunt Marissa. So he must be about her age...  I think that when they first met together, Mickey and Donald were really children, and Goofy had to be a teenager, or even an adult. He just couldn't stay with people who are the same age as him. 
Clarabelle Cow Clarabelle Cow has been Goofy's girlfriend in some cartoons and comics, but her real love is Horace Horsecollar. (click here to see her Family Tree) 
Marissa Mouse She is Minnie's aunt, whom Goofy briefly dated (see Minnie's Family Tree) in a multi-part story by Floyd Gottfredson printed in the Mickey Mouse dailies in 1946. ( click here to see Mickey and Minnie's Family Tree)
Miss. Pennypacker In the episode "Date With Destiny", from "Goof Troop", Goofy has a date with Miss. Pennypacker, Max's school's councillor.(one-shot)
Zenobia  Ex-queen of Africa and Goofy's fiancee, Zenobia first appears in 1986, in " Topolino e la regina d'Africa " (Topolino Piu' 6),by Romano Scarpa.
Miss Martin She is an hideous dogface who lives in Mouseton, in ZM 39-04-09, written by Merrill De Maris, pencilled by Manuel Gonzales and inked by Ted Thwaites . Goofy is in love with her, but she hates him. (she seems to hate everybody, anyway) Madame Martin is her french name (one-shot)
Mrs. Goofey/
Max's mom
Max's mother appeared in the shorts "Geef", from the 50's, but the only parts we could see of her were her legs, or her arms... We only hear a comment in "Fathers are People", from 1951, when Goofy tells that his son has his wife's hair ( that's to say red ) . Then, in the short "A Goofy Christmas", Goofy and his son are alone in Spoonerville. She must have died between (probably from a car accident, as she has a very goofy way of driving in the cartoons), as it is the first time that Goofy wonders if Santa Claus exists. When he doesn't believe in him anymore, maybe he thinks that the new presents under the tree have been brought by his wife. Moreover, in the Geef shorts, he acts with Max as a father, he doesn't use to take care of him, whereas in what I would call the "Goofy Saga' (A Goofy Christmas, Goof Troop, A Goofy Movie, An Extremely Goofy Movie), he acts as a mother ( He want him to take a complete breakfast, to take his Old Teddy Bear,...). So, let's search among the crowd of Goofy's dates to find Miss Goofy. It cannot be Sylvia, neither Miss Pennypacker, because he met them after Max's birth. Clarabelle would have stayed with him, if she had a son from him, but she went back to Horace, and she, neither Marissa, look like Max, and he is said to have hismother's hair. the last one is Glory-Bee, Goofy's girlfriend who first appeared in 1969, created by Bill Walsh, and appearing in some "Mickey Mouse" dailies by Floyd Gottfredson or Del Connell and drawn by Manuel Gonzales. And she is perfect in this role : she is tall and thin, with a blond or red hair, and now she has disappeared from the comicbooks.. But a girl dog character named Penny, with a very Goofy personnality, appeared at the side of teenager Minnie and teenager Daisy in the books "Minnie'n Me", (a little like the way Goofy, Donald and Mickey stay together), and we don't see anything about her after this period of her life. That is why several person, such as Rich Bellacera, think that she is this Mrs. Goofey.
I think that Penny and "Glory-Bee" are in fact the same character at different periods of her life. Anyway, "Glory-Bee" cannot be a real first name. It is probably a nickname that Penny got because she employed the expression "Glory Be" too much...: to Penny,  : to Glory-Bee.
Roxanne's Father He is seen twice in "A Goofy Movie". He is probably widowed, as he acts as the same time as a grumpy father, with Max, but as a sweet mother with Roxanne.(one-shot)
Cousin Pepin In "Topolino e lo scarabeo informatore" (I AT 137-A ), 1968? by Romano Scarpa and Osvaldo Pavese, we  can meet Goofy's cousin Pépin (French name, one-shot).
Sport Goofey Goofy's sportif cousin. A lot of people think that they are the same, but in a few articles, in France, it is said that they are different characters, but that they arecousins.
Noah In MM 26/2/50, Goofy is asked by his cousin Noah to takecare of the animals from his miniature menagerie.(one-shot)
Washburn In  "Uncle Wombat's Tock Tock Time Machine" (Oct 22, 1951 - Jan 19, 1952 ), when Goofy says that his uncle Wombat is the dumbest member of the Goofy family, it is asked to him : "Dumber than your cousin Washburn?"(one-shot)
Melissa (Her French name is Melisse) This cousin of Goofy appears in "A Whistle in the Dark", by Paul Murry.(one-shot)
Batts Goofy's cousin.(one-shot)

III (àtop)
Dingo Dinguis In Topolino 269/270, "Eta Beta e le sorprese pasquali", ( I AT 269-B) by Guido Martina and Guido Scala, a Goofy's uncle, "Dingo Dinguis" in french just died and was a cracker paquets collector.(one-shot) 
Verner Von Goof Goofy's uncle.(one-shot)
Dyng McIncosh ( French name)In I MG 442 "Topolino e il grande colpo di macchia nera", Goofy and Mickey go to help an uncle of Goofy from Scotland...(one-shot)
Vladimir Goofiliefsky In D 92433 "The Lake People", by Cesar Ferioli Pelaez, Goofy and Mickey visit a Goofy's unnamed uncle in Russia. He collects clocks. I invented his name to make the tree easier.(one-shot)
Uncle dell'Orklakoma Goofy's uncle from I TL 987-B : "Pippo e lo zio dell'Orklakoma", by Andrea Fanton and Sergio Asteriti. It is his Italian name.(one-shot) 
Howan Dawg Goofy's uncle.(one-shot)
Amos Goofey Goofy's father in the TV show "Walt Disney Presents  : The Goofy Adventure History", and also in the comic adaptation of the show, in Dell Four Color comic "The Goofy Adventure Story" # 857, from 1957, by Tony Strobl and Vic Lockman. He is in fact the Goofy from "African Diary", 1953.
Goofilia Goofy's aunt. I think she appears in the series "Goof Troop".(one-shot)
Hattie In WMM 143 : "Message from Aunt Hattie", by Bill Wright, Goofy comes and visits his Aunt Hattie together with Mickey.(one-shot)
Wisteria In Walsh & Gottfredson's YM 126 : "The Ghost of Black Brian" (June 25 - Oct 20, 1951),
on Aug 29: Goofy has to visit his Aunt Wisteria, who is sick. (one-shot)
Matilda Goofy's aunt, seen in a picture of the Goofy Family Tree in the TV show "Walt Disney Presents  : The Goofy Adventure History".(one-shot)
Wombat In "Uncle Wombat's Tock Tock Time Machine",YM 127, (Oct 22, 1951 - Jan 19, 1952), Goofy's uncle Wombat is said to be the dumbest member of his family. He's also an inventor. He appears nowadays in some stories with Ellsworth.
Toc A farmer uncle of Goofy. Toc is his French name, I don't know the original one, neither the original appearance. I just know he appears in the Journal de Mickey # 193, from 1938. (one-shot)
Angelo Goofy's uncle. I think he appears in the series "Goof Troop".(one-shot)
Joe Another Goofy's uncle, seen in the TV show "Walt Disney Presents  : The Goofy Adventure History", and ALSO in the comic adaptation of the show, in Dell Four Color comic "The Goofy Adventure Story" # 857. It was in fact a retelling of several cartoons tied together, which created a giant one of 55 mn. In this cartoon, Goofy explain the Goofy Family Tree to his son . Joe is in fact, according to the same show, the Goofy-matador from the cartoon "From whom the Bulls Toil" from 1953.
Flop Goofy's uncle Flop, an unlucky inventor created by Jack Bradbury appeared in a story reprinted in Italy in "Topolino e la corsa allo spazio" : Topolino 501 : 4/7/65.(one-shot)
"Goofy-The-Wobbly" In ITL 1936A, "Topolino e l'imperatore della luce", by Luca Baschi, Leonardo Gori and Andrea Sani, We can meet Goofy's uncle "Dingo-le-bancal" (French name), who could be translated "Goofy-the-Wobbly". He is said to have owned Goofy's house before him to live in it. So, Goofy's uncle Dingomagne (French name again), who is told to have owned Goofy's house too in I TL 723 "Topolino Imperatore della Calidornia", but who is just referred to by name, must be the same character.(one-shot)

IV (àtop)
Ding De Ding  In I TL 1875-B : " Topolino difensore galattico", by Nino Russo and Conrado Lazaro, appears a Goofy's Great Uncle, called Ding de Ding (french name), he is an inventor with a white beard...(one-shot)
Gen. Patten-Leather Goofy's great uncle. I think he appears in the series "Goof Troop"(one-shot)
Ebenezer Goofey Junior's great grandpa (and so Goofy's grandpa), from the TV show "Walt Disney Presents  : The Goofy Adventure History". He is just seen in picture.
Arthur Goofy (French name) In a story published in "Le Journal de Mickey" #717 by the title "Le Don de Dingo" (Goofy's Gift), whose original publication and title is unknown, this uncle of Goofy appears. I prefer saying that he is his great uncle, because he seems to be very old. (one-shot)

V (àtop)
Walter P. Goofey,
Benjamin Goofey...
In "A Goofy Movie", on the US map, is written : "This map belongs to Walter P. Goofey", then "Benjamin Goofey", and then "All Goofeys". Walter and Benjamin are more than probably Goofy's great-grandpa and great-great-grandpa, as he already has a father and a grandpa. (one-shot)
Josh In "The 'Lectro Box" (Oct 25, 1943 - Feb 5, 1944), a box is able to show the image of the living self of peoples who lived centuries ago, and Goofy gets to meet his "great-great-great-grandpapy Josh"(one-shot)

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