Tony Strobl's Goofy FamilyTree

        The following tree has been published in the story "The Goofy Adventure Story", from Dell FC # 857, 1957, drawn by Tony Strobl, inked by Steve Steere and written by Vic Lockman, which is a comic adaptation of the TV show from 1954 "Walt Disney Presents : The Goofy Adventure Story". In this story, Goofy explains his son (who looks a lot like Gilbert, while in the TV show, he is the Goofy Junior from the Geef shorts, and who, by the way, has  been mistakely indexed as Gilbert in the "appearing characters" field in I.N.D.U.C.K.S. In the TV show, we can see the family tree in a book, while in the comicbook story, Goofy builds his family tree on a real tree... During the whole story, the two characters move and climb on the tree, and we meet ancestors such as Grandpa Amos, Uncle Joe, (these two characters are also in the TV show), Wild-Bill Goofy (seems to be the same character than Lewis Goofy from the original show), Sloopy Goofy (a medieval Goof in armor), ...

- Here is the original tree from "Walt Disney Presents : The Goofy Adventure Story"
- Strobl has also drawn Duck family trees

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