A Goofy Family Tree

        The following tree appeared in the 1954 TV show "Walt Disney Presents : The Goofy Adventure Story", in which Goofy explains Junior the history of his ancestors, and shows him their family album (during this show were released the cartoons "African Diary", "From Whom the Bulls Toil", and "Father's Lion"). Unfortunately I did see the show but I couldn't record it on a VHS, but the tree is also shown in Leonard Maltin's introduction to the first CD of "Walt Diosney's Treasures : The Complete Goofy"...
On the tree, you can see the following characters :
Goofy, Wilbur Goofy (1901), Wyatt Goofy (1880), Lewis Goofy (1807), Pilgrim Goofy (1642), Leonardo da Goofy (1551), Cedric Goofy (1142), Nero Goofy (636 A.D.), Horatio Goofy (106 B.C.), and Caveman Goofy.
During the show, I remember a branch grows (probably the one with Wilbur), and we can see Goofy's Aunt Matilda, Uncle Joe (actually the Goofy from "From Whom the Bulls Toil"), and in the show, we also meet Amos Goofy (Goofy's father, actually the Goofy from "African Diary"), and Ebenezer Goofy (Goofy's Grandfather, a sailor wearing a raincoat)...

- Here is Strobl's remake of this tree from Dell FC # 857

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